This Article is Written a Little Tongue-in-Tech

by Kristie LeVangie

A little oral dexterity never hurt anyone, right?

Well, loosen up those tongues because there’s a new wave of technology taking the mobile industry by storm.

Go to your app store, type in “oral sex” and watch a plethora of apps reveal themselves promising to help improve your oral skills.  The latest in the craze to gain attention is Lick This, an app developed by Club Sexy Time, based out of San Francisco.  Huffington Post recently reported on this on their website.

But Lick This is not cornering the sex app market by any means.   A perusal of my Android marketplace shows apps that promise to educate you with a library of oral sex tips and tricks.  There is an app for oral sexual positions, one to keep your sex log, and yet others not so blatantly sexual, like Lick the Icicle, Unilever’s Cornetto Lick Challenge or Lick Your Screen.

Try the Spicy Sex Wheel (Sex Roulette) app to spice some

things up in the bedroom or turn your phone into a vibrator with the Droid Vibrator app or iTune’s MyVibe.  The Sex 8 Ball app will help turn your love life into a game too and promises to help you discover new positions.

Need a bit more inspiration first?  Check out the Sex Drive app which pulses binaural beats on to your Apple device and claims to increase sexual desire in 10-15 minutes worth of listening.

Welcome a little critique?  An app called Passion evaluates your stamina and your “activity” level.  Just lay your iPhone on your bed before you start “getting it on”.  The app claims to use the microphone and motion sensors when giving you your sex score.

Now go forth with technology and attempt to score.  I’ve given you all the tools to improve your game.


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