Relationships Sock…No, Literally

by Kristie LeVangie

Okay, bear with me…

I have something to admit that I’ve just discovered about myself.  One of my many nuances, I suppose.  It’s really an oddity.  I’m completely weird.  Okay…

I…am soooooo weird…I can’t believe I’m admitting this.


I…collect socks of ex-relationships.

In my recent madness to organize the house, I wondered into my sock drawer…my white sock drawer.  Because I segregate my hosiery, but I digress…

So while putting away laundry, I saw them there– my socks with little pirates all over them.  And to the right was the pair that reads “A Cup of Joe” because I once dated this guy named Joe that drank A LOT of coffee.  I had science socks to remind me of the geek I was last married to.  And underneath all of these lay the pair sporting the letters “B” and “P”.  Now I don’t know where I found these socks, but yes, I even had a memento of Big Poppa.

Is it not a sickness?

And now here I am in another relationship…So where do I find socks with a Wrecker on them?


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