May-September Romances

by Kristie LeVangie

The other night bored, I found myself browsing Netflix for some light recreational fare.  I settled on a cute romantic comedy starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha called The Rebound.


And while it wasn’t an award-winning picture by any means, it was entertaining.  More importantly though, it got me thinking about age differences in relationships.

In my earlier years, I found myself quite often dating men my senior.  My first serious relationship was with a man 20 years older than myself.  He was 38 and I was 18.  The sex was amazing, and he never treated me as his inferior.  I suppose that’s why I matured so quickly compared to my female counterparts (or perhaps it was BECAUSE I was so mature that I was able to maintain my footing in this relationship).

There were two points of awkwardness in this relationship that I can recall.  The first was the evening I brought him home to meet my parents, who by the way…were the same age as him!  Of course it didn’t help that he showed up high and drunk worried about the meeting.  The other moment of awkwardness was the ending– the point where I realized that I wanted a family, and he realized that he didn’t.  But until then, we lived in passionate bliss for about a year and a half.

I’ve dated men as much as 30 years older than me and everywhere in-between.

Now 40, I’m realizing that I’m much younger at heart than my female counterparts, and I’m finding that I’m attracted to men much younger than me at times.  (Yes, a cougar!)

While I haven’t dated anyone younger than 30, I don’t know that I WOULDN’T consider it.  I like to get out.  I like to go places and do things…and I like sex.  Younger men seem to have the stamina to keep up with me (not that I haven’t met older men that couldn’t give me a run for my money as well).

I would point out a maturity level issue here, but quite honestly, I’ve found that 30 or 50, it depends on the man, NOT on the age when it comes to having his shit together.

So all of this got me wondering.  How young is too young for other women?  How old is too old?  Do you date up and down in the age spectrum or do you tend to center on a specific age range?  Has this changed over time?

And what about you men?  How many of you are silver foxes?

Do you think it’s becoming more acceptable to have large age differences in relationships now-a-days?  Or do you think there is still a lot of prejudice out there?


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