Shine is Not Always Divine: Hair Tips for Using Dry Shampoo

Some of you are thinking, “Dry?  I shampoo my hair with water, crazy bitch.”

Others of you are thinking, “Yeah, I know.  I use it 2-3 days after I shampoo my hair.  So?”

And yet others can close this browser now because they would never use dry shampoo and think it’s a waste of time that someone on the other end here is actually writing about it.

To group #3, I bid you “Adieu.”

To the rest, let’s talk for a minute.

How many times have you found yourself in a position where you slept at his place last night and now you’re late for work and simply don’t have time for a proper washing?

Shine is not always divine.

Dry shampoo could be the answer, but there’s more…

Dry shampoo can come in a few different forms: mostly powder or a spray-on.  You’ve no-doubtedly  encountered it in your local beauty aisle (or will now that I’ve mentioned it).  And of course, we know that it was designed to soak up the oil you naturally acquire by living life.

You would normally apply it by concentrating on the roots and brushing through to the ends.  And I would venture to say that most of us are using it between shampoos to extend the life of our freshly cleaned bounciness, but there are other opportunities for use that make sense as well.  For instance:

  1. Apply a bit of dry shampoo to your roots after a fresh shampoo.  It will stave off oil through the day and will pump the volume of your ‘do without the heaviness or stiffness of hairspray.
  2. Use it after a killer work-out at the gym to soak up some of the dew (sweat) you naturally accumulate at the roots.
  3. Use it after a long flight or a long day at the office to fluff up and freshen your style.
  4. Check out Pinterest and other online sites for home recipes (using cornstarch, baby powder, or other ingredients).  These often come in at a fraction of the cost of store-bought, are natural, and are generally made with products you may already have on hand.  (SCORE!  FREE!!!)

A few other dry shampoo tips:

  • Leave it on for at least 2 minutes before brushing out and styling.
  • Always hold the can (in the instance of dry shampoo spray) at least 6 inches from your scalp when apply to eliminate any clumping and ensure even distribution.
  • As a general rule, never use dry shampoo more than twice before you go back to full-on water and your favorite shampoo/conditioner.
  • Nearly everyone can benefit from dry shampoo since it soaks up the oil from your scalp but does not strip the oils out of the hair strands themselves.  The only people for whom dry shampoo should be avoided are those with sensitive scalps and dry scalps.

Ready to give it a try?

Our recommendations for the best brands are:


Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo at Ulta – $7.99

Suave Dry Shampoo

Suave Dry Shampoo at Walmart – $2.88

But there are many others out there.  As always, look at consumer reviews, check your local stores for availability and share your results below.  We want to hear from you!


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