I Now Pronounce You – Mrs. & Mrs.: Ohio’s Same-Sex Ruling

by Kristie LeVangie

Ohio is the latest state in line for legislature recognizing same-sex marriage performed in other states.

Last Monday, Judge Timothy Black ruled in favor of same-sex couples rationalizing that refusing to do so is a violation of constitutional rights.

But before we, Ohioans, start jumping for joy, the state is planning to appeal Black’s ruling.  Let us not forget voters overwhelming rejected acknowledgement in the 2004 vote.  Could things have changed so quickly?

Of course, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is speaking out against gay marriage expressing his antiquated views of marriage being between a man and woman.

Heading the charge seems to be Al Gerhardstein, a Cincinnati civil rights attorney who has filed 3 gay marriage lawsuits in the state of Ohio since June.  He stated, “The ultimate goal is full marriage equality.”  And we applaud him for this stance.

Attorneys on both sides of the current legal battle will present arguments on the issue tomorrow, and Judge Black will then decide whether to issue a stay on his ruling.  If he does issue a stay, that means Ohio would have to recognize the marriages of the four gay couples serving as Plaintiffs in this case and these four couples alone.  This would include property rights, the right to make some medical decisions for their partner, and both parents being listed on the birth certificate.

If he declines the stay, that would mean that married gay couples from other states would have the same benefits as any other married couple in Ohio.

Here’s hoping to progress, Ohio.



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