Fashion Audible: Dude Advice

by Wrecker

In the words of Joan Rivers, “Can we talk?”.

Being a guy, I was oblivious to fashion, and my knowledge ended at “Damn, baby. You look hot in that.”

But, I have slowly learned how important fashion is and how it can be the difference between relaying the image of a smart, sexy, professional woman and the woman you see at your local big box store in their PJs.

Guys, trust me when I tell you.  Fashion can be the strongest indicator of how well a woman takes care and respects herself.

So here are a few tips for my fellow dudes:

  • Take some time and pay attention to The Red Carpet before awards’ shows and even spend some time watching some of those fashion shows that talk about the top stars and what they are wearing  (i.e. Fashion Police, Entertainment Tonight, The Dish, etc.).  Staying current will help you better evaluate the playing field.
  • Let me throw out  a situation that we have all been in before– one of those “Make it or Break it” moments when a woman you have really been interested in finally takes your invite for a date.  You rack your brain for the perfect date: where to go for dinner, what to do after dinner, and last but not least, what to wear.  You think “this woman seems like a down-to-Earth, laid-back woman that likes to have fun.” You knock on the door, and she is in a tea-length summer dress, six inch wedges , and her finest accessories.  Do you ignore what she is wearing and take her for wings, beer and bowling?  Or, do you excuse yourself to the restroom and make reservations at a 5-star restaurant?  Imagine this little scenario as football, and you are the quarterback.  Does the audible lead to the score or does your lack of play read result in a turnover? Like a quarterback reading the defense you need to learn how to read the signs of what she is wearing and by that you can determine her mood and what she expects of the situation.
  • Names like Vera Wang, Dulce Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton may be alien to most guys, but believe me when I tell you that those names will get you far.  Don’t overuse brand names though because you can easily go from boyfriend material to gay best friend material in just a shopping trip.
  • Be attentive if your day with that special woman includes shopping, and don’t bulk at the thought of shopping . In my opinion, this is were a lot of guys mess up by staring into space or looking at the other women in the store. What better way to impress that special woman by participating in the shopping trip and combining what you like and she likes into her next outfit for your next night on the town.
  • Shopping with your lady also gives you the opportunity to see what she likes and could help with gift ideas for her in the future. Whats worse than buying you lady something and it just sits on the dresser or hangs in the back of the closet?
  • Fellas, after you finish with the first five minutes of that porn, take an extra few and look at what those women were wearing including those heels that are now hoisted in the air.  Learn the different types of footwear– flats, wedges, slingbacks, platforms, stilettos (our favorite, of course).

You don’t need to learn everything, and trust me once you start learning about fashion, you will already know more than you think you did. The little black dress the girl at the gas station had on or the woman in the pencil skirt  that you couldn’t stop staring at in the bar last week will just start having names to them. Only then will those same women be showing you attention, and for some, know that you exist. Women love attention to detail.  Watch her face light up when her compliment her Michael Kors handbag.

So guys get on that computer and search more than just porn. Look at what the stars are wearing and what is IN. Keep aware of what the color of the season is and go out there and get those true LADIES and leave the girls to the little boys.

Look for more tips soon,

Your virtual wingman


One comment

  1. Interesting . . . I can’t say that I have considered this. I’m sure that I can’t help but pay attention now.

    I’ve been told before that much of the primping and accessorizing isn’t for the men, but for other women to see . . . I don’t know if that’s true, but that only adds unique power to your coaching on this topic.

    Now it makes me think of porn. My first thought was “wait, there are clothes, shoes, etc., in porn?” Now, I’ll have to do some mindful research. (Although I do admit to admiring the costuming in the movie Fashionistas . . . )

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