Things Heat Up at Kollege

by Johnny Jackhammer

Johnny continues his adventures at Kinky Kollege.


I love Walt Disney World.

I like the fact that there’s something there for everyone.  Want some thrills?  There are some very well-themed and fun coasters.

Need to take it slower?  Incredible shows and dark rides are calling your name.

Just like to people watch?  A cross-section of the globe can be found walking around.

…And every visit is unique.


The fetish convention is a lot like WDW.  Not in the content, of course, but the variety and accommodations provide something that will interest everyone.

To loosely paraphrase Dan of the Erotic Awakening Podcast, a fetish is something that makes you feel a little tingle down below.  Everybody has different tastes, and many of ours overlap.  GWN and I were on a quest to expand our tingle list.


Being more into sex than power exchange, I admit the Glory Hole was high on my checklist.  In this case, there was an Intimate Room, and the Glory Hole station was prominently featured just inside the entrance.  I kept an eye on it as we walked by through the weekend and never saw it in use.  In fact, the Intimate Room was lightly populated throughout the weekend, with crowds gravitating to the main dungeon instead.  On our second day, we couldn’t resist and created our own scene. I think GWN had fun because it was a long-time fantasy of mine.  I had fun because it was naughty, yet I had the safety of knowing who was on the other side of the wall.  And, even though there were a couple people who hovered around, I didn’t see anybody try to enter the other two holes on the three-sided panel.

That is one thing that I have learned about the fetish community.  With rare exceptions, people won’t join a scene unless explicitly invited.

The next thing that gave me a tingle was a handwritten notice on the community bulletin board saying “Wanted: guys to gangbang me now in the Intimacy Room.”  I wasn’t tempted to participate, but I was excited by the idea that there would be a legal, free and open call by a woman who wanted multiple cocks. I expected to see it become a standing room only event.  Instead, we saw a woman getting pounded on an air mattress with a few guys sitting in banquet chairs looking on.  We did see her going at it a couple times with different people, but we never saw a group or gang thing get started.  It was too bad we didn’t bring GWN’s strap-on harness down with us!

Another place high on my list was the XXX Theatre.  I am an unapologetic fan of pornography, with a particular interest in unique, extreme, and artistic porn.  The porn being shown was actually a loop of a private BDSM party in an upscale location.  It was hot with variety and kink, yet fairly mild in the S&M category.  We enjoyed stopping in a few times.  We heard enough smacking to know that it was a free activity zone, so we decided to put on a little XXX show of our own.  (I did note earlier that I was an exhibitionist.)  GWN sat up on a table near the front row, and I pulled up a chair at her level hip to enjoy my favorite position – dining at the Y.  At one point in the pleasure, a friend we had met earlier in the dungeon gently came up and asked her if he could join in the scene. She looked at me, and I nodded my approval (heaven forbid that I stop to actually talk).  And while I worked on her, he rubbed and fondled her back, neck and chest.

Adding a play partner was new territory for us.  In some ways, we had been looking to expand the “toy box” (if you count other people as potential playthings). We chose to explore the BDSM community over the swing community because it seemed like there would be less pressure and more acceptance of diversity. We like the commitment to knowledge sharing that is inherent in the BDSM world.

Which brings me to the most important lesson learned that weekend:  don’t be afraid to stop and communicate.  You won’t kill the moment by taking a moment.  In the movie theater case, I was feeling loved and part of the fun.  I wouldn’t have cared what she extended out to the friend who approached us.  Because we didn’t stop to touch base on where this was going, she felt distracted wondering what my limits have been.  In that moment, I’d have been open for whatever she felt like.  It’d have been fine for her to stick her hand down his pants and show him her mad skills, but the scene fell far short of this due to the respect and regard she had for my feelings.  It should have been simple and natural to take a time out to discuss limits, but that is not always easy to do while in the heat of the moment.  We will continue to work together to improve our communication.

After some public sex play, it was time to expand our knowledge in some more extreme areas.  Anyone ready for needle play?





  1. Small world. I actually know Dan and dawn from my talk show days. I’ve been on The Erotic Awakening Podcast when they interviewed me about my writing. Good people.

  2. No, it’s a full circle world! I seem to recall that I either first heard of the Libidacoria podcast and your book on Dan and dawn’s show. Or perhaps I heard about them from your show? Either way, I remember that as being one of the first episodes of Erotic Awakening that I heard.

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