Semester Complete

by Johnny Jackhammer

Do you know your “hard limits?” Have you thought about what you would never, ever do sexually to or with someone?

Most of us can probably list off our taboos. When GWN and I first flirted, she established, and we agreed on, the hard limits quickly: no kids, no animals, no pain.   Those limits seemed reasonable, and they are probably more liberal than most. It showed that we were open to many sexual opportunities with limits that were easy to accept.

Attend a weekend-long BDSM event, however, and you might find your hard limits change. The introduction of pain into sex play was opened up a bit for us during this conference. Although we haven’t become lured by the more brutal stuff, I could write a full article about fun we found with sharp and intense barehanded spanking.

At events, pain play occurs in a controlled environment with full consent of all players. Everyone involved is sober and present. Roles and activities are carefully mapped out, with safe words or gestures to be used if things don’t go as expected or desired. That’s important, because this is all supposed to be fun.

One new area of kink for us was Medical Play.

We were invited to watch a scene by a great couple we met at the welcome mixer, who were eager to display their skill and equipment. They have a power exchange relationship, and she is the Master.

A lot of time was spent on scene preparation. Sheet covers and drop cloths were secured; rubber gloves and safety equipment were made handy.

The sub was ready for play as the top secured some wires and straps around his penis. From there, he was connected to a small device that looked like a guitar pedal with dials instead of buttons. We were told it provided mild electrical stimulation to his cock during play. He described it to me as a unique thrill, comparing the feeling to a soft and steady blow job. My interest was piqued as I imagined how I might try such a device. His Domme picked up the pedal, asked if he was ready, and gave a small, easy turn on the device.


“Aargggh!” the slave exclaimed in a mixture of pain and surprise. I mentally crossed the electrical box off my “toys to try” list! (It was an Erostek 232, in case you want to give it a try.)

She quickly backed off, and he eased back onto the medical table, ready for play. He was blindfolded and lightly secured. She disrobed and put on gloves to begin the needle play.

We were fascinated by the precise and controlled application of needles to the submissive. GWN got up to get a closer look as I settled into a chair by the table to observe the scene. The Master moved around the slave as she slid very thin needles through his skin so the point exited. None of them went deep, and only a few of them bled, yet drawing mild trickles of blood were both the goal and the kink.

Unique placement drew my attention. Three small needles were criss-crossed underneath his nipples to create an “endorphin button.” Once in, she could enhance his sensation through firm, careful taps on skin above the needles. Additional stimulus came through the use of a tuning fork, humming onto the endorphin buttons, creating vibrations of pleasure and pain.

Once his pain tolerance was increased, she moved to his penis. Multiple piercings were made through his shaft and scrotum. All the while, the Master regularly checked in to make sure that he was well and enjoying the experience. The electrical current made his cock softly pulse, but not become fully erect during the scene.

Most surprising was the tenderness involved in the play. I witnessed similar care and concern being shared at other medical scenes through the weekend. They had a common goal of causing or receiving pain, and they had a shared desire to see and smear the blood that arose from the play. I wasn’t necessarily aroused by it, although my lady felt a tingle. I very much liked seeing how much the players enjoyed the scene.

Oh, wait. I now remember an arousing part. To place additional needles through his ball sack, she climbed the table above him, lightly grazing her breasts over his body and ending where her pussy could meet his mouth under the blindfold. He extended light licks as she reached over and applied more needles. Now that the pain levels increased into a mix of pleasurable tolerance for him, she shifted and sat on his face. He ate her out while she carved the word “MINE” into his chest. It was a clearly sexual event, and we welcomed the view.

In BSDM play, once a scene is complete, careful clean-up takes place. But before that happens, the sub receives after-care. This is a valued part of the play. While this includes washing and being made comfortable, it mostly focuses on the warm connection between the players. There may be a blanket or a hug. There is always fresh water and subdued stimulus. The players have made a deep connection, and they both benefit from being slowly eased out of their euphoria.

Upon returning home, we quickly registered for the next conference. It was a welcoming environment that encouraged us to be wild, dress scantily, and feel accepted regardless of our body flaws or advantages.   We all have magic to bring to the table.




  1. Full disclosure – I obtained the blessing and permission from the couple I described prior to writing this article. They were able to read what I wrote before it was published.

    1. Sounds like you had a very enlightening experience. I love when others find a “groove” that works for them even if it isn’t others’ cup of tea. It also goes to show that you never know what you might like unless you put yourself out there to try new things.

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