CAUGHT: Man Now Fights to Save His Own Skin

by Kristie LeVangie

There aren’t many things that make my skin crawl, but this story definitely has to be one of them.

Gary DudekGary Dudek, of Wallingford, Pennsylvania, was caught on surveillance twice allegedly placing stolen skin grafts in his car.  The 54-year-old is being charged with allegedly stealing human skin and tampering with records.

Mr. Dudek was a sales rep for Organogenesis after starting in September 2006 and was in charge of managing accounts for Mercy Philadelphia Hospital’s bio-science department and supplying the hospital with skin grafts.

It is believed that Dudek made several unauthorized purchases and stole skin to the tune of an estimated $357,000!!!

What does one do with that much skin???

Well, unfortunately, we can’t answer that question quite yet.  There has been no statement made about the motive or explanation about the circumstances, but we will definitely keep you posted if we hear.

Dudek’s lawyer claims the hospital has not yet proven his client has done anything wrong.

Dudek refused to talk to the media.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.56.50 PM

…But then what does one expect?

So what are your thoughts on the motive?  Is he the charitable skin Robin Hood?  Is this part of his latest diet craze?  Is he selling it as a side business?  Is it making furniture like an Ed Gein copycat?  Is he attempting to reattach his foreskin?

What do you think?



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