Think Twice Before Hitting the Theaters This Weekend

by Kristie LeVangie

In a time long, long ago, in a not-so-distant land, things used to be original.

…Well, at least where movies were concerned.

This dawned on me yesterday when I saw the upcoming preview for


which appears in my opinion to be exactly like


You remember that movie, right?

See for yourself.

You see?

Compound this lack of originality with any number of movies showing at (or coming soon to) the box office this week.






It’s all sequels, sequels…and even more sequels!

Where has all the originality gone???

And just so we’re clear Disney, this


doesn’t count as original.  You’re still stealing portions of the storyline from your own original movie, Sleeping Beauty.

According to critics on Rotten Tomatoes, the second movie is 27% worse than the first movie in the series, and the third…


So, why continue the charade?

Have we learned nothing from the institute of marriage?  Tried and true is boring as hell.  We want to fall madly in love at the theaters.  So where is all the creativity?

Oh, wait!

I know.

Why don’t you make a movie based on a popular book?




…Because the movies are always sooooo much better than the books.  (As I choke that out in sarcasm.)

In the modern world of “sharing”, have we forgotten how to use our own imaginations?

It’s clear to me now more than ever that the box office is leading art rather than art leading the box office.  Bottom lines are dictating our theatrical enjoyment…or lack thereof, as the case may be for me personally.

So help me.

What original movies are out there that have captured your attention lately?



  1. Amen!

    Your comments are timely. On a radio show last week, host Tony Kornheiser asked Anne Hornaday (movie critic for the Washington Post) if all we get these days are X-Men and rehashed remakes. She reluctantly agreed.

    I wish I could recommend something original and great. But we have been to as few as two movies in the theaters in the last year. Instead it has been Netflix original series and old movies.

  2. Netflix is killing it between Orange is the New Black and House of Cards! I’m glad one company still has a commitment to originality.

    I find myself going for foreign films just to get a change in storyline. I fear all the great American writers are extinct.

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