Caught: This Guy is Looner Tunes

by Kristie LeVangie

I’m from Ohio, and yes, I can verify that there is little to do here for entertainment.  But this man has taken that to a whole other level as he plays out his romance for all to see.

Edwin TobergtaEdwin Tobergta, from Hamilton, Ohio, was arrested yesterday for allegedly having sex on the side of the road with his lover.  This is the fourth time Mr. Tobergta has been arrested for this type of offense.

What makes this story even better (in my opinion) is that Mr. Tobergta has a Looner Fetish.  His “lover” was an inflatable pool raft!

Looner fetishists are “categorized in the realm of paraphilia — meaning a love of some object, whether it’s an inanimate one or a non-consenting partner,” says Dr. Soroya Bacchus.

Interestingly, there are two facets within the looner fetish community.  A “popper” is someone who loves to destroy the object of his affection (often near climax).  And a “non-popper” is someone who will protect his love object come Hell or high water.

As noted previously, Tobergta was caught in 2011 with his pants down in an alley with his neighbor’s inflatable raft.  (It was pink denoting feminism, right?)  After being jailed on that charge, he was arrested again in 2013 for the same offense with the EXACT SAME raft!  It MUST be true love.

I guess we know Edwin is a non-popper.

While the second offense was in Tobergta’s home, he pled guilty to public indecency since it was in eye shot of children during the day.

Authorities haven’t confirmed that this latest incident was with his beloved pink raft yet again, but I’m laying odds.

Tobergta’s first official offense was in 2002 for publicly pleasuring himself with an inflatable pumpkin.

But hey…you have to hump a few pumpkins before you can find Mrs. Right.  Right?



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