by Kristie LeVangie

I love when a woman comes along that can not only bring the house down, but gets my very soul.  If I were a rockstar, I would be Gin Wigmore.  Every song feels like a musical extension of my poetry.

…And did I mention she is hot as hell???


Despite her model good looks, this New Zealand-born rocker can lay down– what Groupie magazine called– some “bluesy, gritty, whisky-fuelled, foot-stomping, deep-fried rock’n’roll straight out of the American deep South.”  That’s as apt of a description as I could ever muster.

Check out my favorite track and another of my own personal anthems below:

But it was this performance that made me lust after this saucy little rockbeast:

Her latest album, Gravel & Wine, was inspired by a trip through the South (Alabama, Mississippi, Nashville and Memphis).  Writing with The Presets’ Julian Hamilton and blues legends, such as William Bell and Charlie Sexton, the songs on this album are both bluesy and tough.  They are mantras for powerful women out there everywhere.

Like this one:

Butch Walker produced this album.  You may recognize his name as he has worked with artists like Pink, Katy Perry, and Avril Lavigne…just to name a few.

Gin-Wigmore-gin-wigmore-34216519-463-552Gin didn’t have such smooth sailing.  Many artists can claim a rocky road, but Gin started writing music at 14.  Just two years later, her father passed away from cancer, and Gin quit music altogether.  After returning from an exchange program where Gin taught kindergarten in Argentina, she wrote a tribute to her father called, “Hallelujah.”

“Her sister entered the song in the U.S.-based International Songwriting Competition in 2004, and Wigmore beat 11,000 songwriting aspirants from 77 countries to become the youngest and only unsigned Grand Prize winner in the history of the competition,” according to Wikipedia.

And thank goodness for family interference!

I can’t seem to get enough of Gravel & Wine, and I personally am anxiously anticipating what she’ll bring next.

Check out Amazon, Spotify or your favorite music app to find more from this artist.

I’ll just be sitting here festering in my massive girl crush.



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