Mistress Elle: Coming to Climax Gives Me Such a Headache

That’s right.  It’s time for your next session with Mistress Elle.


Mistresses operate best giving instructions.  It’s easy, so don’t fuck it up.

1.  You submit your questions to mistress_elle@libidacoria.com.

2.  I share my googled research, sage advice, years of experience, and deliver it to you in one sarcastically biting blog.

Now, eyes forward (*smacks with the ruler).  Read on, and let’s begin.

Climax Headache?

The last two times I’ve orgasmed with my boyfriend, it feels like the muscles around my scalp constrict and I’m left with a blinding headache which overpowers my orgasm.  Is there something wrong with me?  Should I be worried?

First of all, Ms. Climax, breathe.  You’ll be happy to know that it is highly unlikely that anything serious is wrong.  Society often makes jokes about women and headaches when it comes to sex, but this is serious business.  These headaches are actually thought to be a type of migraine headache, and anyone who has experienced that knows, it can be CRIPPLING!  Imagine that at the time you are supposed to be feeling the most pleasure.  Not fun!

There are actually two types of headaches associated with sex.  Type 1 is a dull headache at the onset of sexual excitement and occurs in about 25% of such sex-related cases.  Sounds as if you are actually dealing with Type 2,  which is far more prevalent in 75% of cases, and comes on suddenly and acutely feeling like a squeezing of the skull cap.

If these headaches persist, I would suggest going to the doctor for an MRI to rule out an aneurysm or a tumor, but this scenario is scarce and it’s more likely your doctor will prescribe a migraine medication to ease your suffering.

I wish you a quick recovery.  No one should have to suffer in their defining moment…unless you’re into that sort of thing.

I happen to know a few people that are. 😉


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