Mistress Elle: Balloon Fetish (a.k.a. Looners)

That’s right.  It’s time for your session with Mistress Elle. Elle Mistresses operate best giving instructions.  It’s easy. 1.  You submit your questions to mistress_elle@libidacoria.com. 2.  I share my googled research, sage advice, years of experience, and deliver it to you in one sarcastically biting blog. Now…I’ve had so many questions flooding in after the post of this story that we thought it a good idea to dive a bit deeper into this fetish.  The following question was submitted to me and seemed to get right to the point.

Q: Balloon Fetish. WTF???

That’s right. As if it didn’t get weird enough when it comes to our sex likes, there are actually people out there– called “looners” by the way– that enjoy getting their latex on in a completely surprising way…with balloons!

Now when it comes to “looners”, they are not all alike. For some of them, popping the balloons can cause sexual arousal. They actually enjoy the “pop”.

For others, it’s the anxiety or fear of the popping that pops their rocks.

And for others, they may get sexually aroused from blowing them up, sitting or laying on them, or even the squeaky sound of rubbing against them.

And finally, there are actually people out there that become emotionally attached to said balloons and prefer to have sex “with” the latex beauties.

So one will naturally ask, as this question submitter did, WTF???  

The psychology of it, as with most fetishes, varies with the individual. Some might argue the anxiety of the fear heightens their parasympathetic arousal. Other psychologists will attribute the arousal to childhood experiences that link that sexual feelings with this childhood iconic symbol.

It’s also widely thought that the “popping” of balloons is a metaphor for climax…or even death. But as we know the orgasm is called, “Little Death”, in some cultures, so they are essentially the same, right? 😉 Now some of you may be hoping to experiment with balloons to see what’s the hype. Remember, they CAN BE dangerous. “You’ll poke your eye out.” No, seriously. So keep them away from eyes, and it is possible to burst an ear drum, so avoid close proximity to ears as well. And for Pete’s sake, DO NOT insert them into any orifice no matter how horny you may get. Bursting inside you could cause irreparable harm. But we’re sexual intellectuals here, so there’s no need to tell you that, right? It should be common sense. Heed my advice or you will be punished.  Unfortunately, it will be by the Universe and not by your ever-loving Mistress.


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