I Want to Turn Your Cream Into Butter

by Kristie LeVangie

Okay, you with the dirty mind.

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about your “man juice.”

In fact today, I’m not talking about you at all.  But you are welcomed to hang with us ladies for a bit.  I may turn you onto something new.

And no, Pitmaster Jimi, I’m not stealing your thunder today either.  This isn’t an article about food.

This IS an article about a great new product I quite discovered by accident and now use religiously!

I’m a big fan of convenience.  With a busy life, I like to get shortcuts anyway I can, and one of my big kicks lately is subscription products.

Subscriptions these days are more than just magazines and newspapers.  I have scheduled deliveries of organic vegetables to beauty products coming to the house…and everything in between.  I’m a big fan of spending less time in stores with crowded lines, limited selections and navigating through unnecessary clutter to find what I’m looking for.  To me, it’s worth a few bucks to save the hassle.

So when I ran across a subscription service for my man that delivered shaving supplies to the house, I was on-board immediately.  And when I found out it was a fraction of the cost, I was ecstatic!

If you haven’t heard of Dollar Shave Club, I suggest you google them right after you finish my article.  With packages ranging from $1/month to $9/month for razor blades, there’s a level that fits right into your budget for sure.  (Compare that to mainstream store replacement blade prices!  Savings of about $4 PER BLADE.) And while it’s marketed to men, I actually have and use The Executive on all my various lady bits.  It’s a dream.

But even that isn’t why I’m here writing this article.

I’ve been a user of shave gels and creams since my teen years.  I just prefer the added lubrication it offers, particularly with the frequency in which us women have to shave our legs.  And because my skin in general tends to lean toward the drier side, it’s sometimes aggravating to my leg skin to use only soap.

But I also have teen girls.

So a few weeks ago as I was in the bathtub and reaching for my shave cream– you know where I’m going with this, right?– it was completely empty.

But…he had ordered some Shave Butter from Dollar Shave Club to try it.  So I had a handy substitute.

Dollar General Shave ButterI had encouraged him to give it try after seeing the natural ingredients touted on their website: Golden Barley, Organic Prickly Pear Cactus, Pacific Sea Algae, Black Willow Bark, Vitamins A, C, E, and Oat Extract.  And I especially enjoyed their advertising messaging, “TRANSFORM THE DREAD OF SHAVING INTO THE JOY OF SOFTLY WIPING WHISKERS OFF YOUR FACE.”

Ladies, I’m here to tell you that after that one “seeing the light” experience, I will NEVER go back.

The formula is safe for sensitive skin and actually leaves my legs feeling more moisturized.  I feel like I’m doing something great for my skin.  I have yet to cut myself shaving and love the smell.  Best part is that it’s only $8 for a 6-ounce tube that quite frankly lasts longer than my creams ever seemed to.

Now…I just have to keep it a secret from those damn girls.

So check out their site, watch some fucking hilarious marketing videos and place your order. Tell them Libidacoria Magazine sent you. Now go! Here’s the link.


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