Indian Roadmaster

by The Heart Wrecker

indian roadmaster

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the 2015 Indian Roadmaster was, man, it is SEXY.  Then as I learned more about it, I started to realize it is just like a woman– sexy on the outside and full of surprises on the inside.

My favorite description so far is “techie meets biker.”  To start off, you notice the typical batwing front that a lot of bikes have, but what is unique to the new Indian is that the windshield is adjustable and automatic.  With just the push of a button, you can customize the height to fit conditions or personal comfort.  This is especially nice when that unexpected rain pops up.

Another great feature of the new Roadmaster is that it has over thirty seven gallons of weatherproof storage in the  saddlebags, a roomy trunk, and fairing, including convenient front storage in the lowers for all those things you need for that cross-country ride or week-long trip to Sturgis. The storage in the lowers is accessible from the saddle for those extra shades or whatever you may need at hand while riding.

Another thing at your fingertips is control of the heated seats and hand grips for when that evening ride gets a little chilly.

Other great features of ride comfort are the fully adjustable rear seat arm rests and adjustable passenger floorboards.

indian seat

Now…let’s get to the important part of any bike, HORSEPOWER!

The Indian Roadmaster boasts a 111 cubic inch motor with 119 foot pounds of torque which equals all the GO POWER you would ever need.  Whether you are bar hopping around town or heading to Daytona Bike Week, this has you covered.

To help manage that power is the usual front shift along with an adjustable heel shifter. The kind of power this bike brings to the road is made controllable by years of  experience from true biker builds.  The rich history of Polaris and Victory make the amazing comeback of the Indian possible, and it looks like it is here for years to come. 

I can’t wait to get my hands on one.


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