Joy of Nude Beaches

by Johnny Jackhammer

I want to be naked.

I’ll bet you do, too. Even if you don’t know it yet.

Last weekend, we jumped at the chance to meet some friends at a nude beach relatively close by.

Would I be self-conscious? Would I feel relaxed? Would it be crowded? And a larger concern clouded my mind since one of my strong kinks is exhibitionism.   I wanted it to be an enriching, but not arousing, experience.

Before we arrived, my lady advised me to be careful not to “suck in” my gut. I was sure I’d be relaxed, but appreciated the reminder. She makes a good point: everybody can tell when you are doing that.

I quickly found a key difference from the “regular beach:” being nude gives you a remarkable freedom from self-consciousness. Everyone puts it all out there, which makes it very easy to be comfortable in your own skin. People aren’t trying to pose or primp in hopes of looking better, unlike at the swimsuit beaches. They know they are perfectly beautiful. Nudity both requires and generates confidence.

Sandy Nude Beach

Cool sand, warm water, beautiful bluffs.  (photo by Spankybare)


The setting itself was gorgeous. Bluffs overlooked the flowing river, sunshine reflecting in the water. Thanks to my friend, Spankybare, his early morning photo gives you a sense of the beauty and tranquility of the beach. (Truth be told, it was a public invitation by him that got us out there in the first place!)

There were about 75 people at the beach when we arrived in the late morning.  All gloriously stripped and soaking in the surrounding nature.

My next revelation: everybody looked terrific! And I mean everybody. While clothed in public, it’s easy to critique people based on their looks. With a fully nude public, however, you can sense the true beauty people have within. Perhaps it is because they are so comfortable and open. Everyone looked amazing, and all body styles are represented. It is really easy to fit in when everybody is naked.

Do you find yourself looking at other people’s naked bodies? Of course! But you see people as part of your experience, just as with the sand, water, and birds above. There isn’t anything lusty or lecherous about it. But it is a continually attractive environment.

Nude Beach

My muse, enhancing the scenery

I was also surprised by how easily we connected with other beachgoers. Conversations start quickly on the nude beach, and you already feel like you belong. Ironically, nude sunbathers come across as more friendly and welcoming than clothed beachgoers. I can’t strike up a conversation with a stranger in a bikini as easily as I can with somebody fully nude. Perhaps it’s the confidence. Perhaps it’s the vulnerability. Or maybe people are more authentic when stripped down bare.

Visiting a public nude beach is a “vanilla” experience, and folks are careful to avoid sex and drug activity. Yet while there isn’t anything sexual about the experience, it can be highly sensual. It’s liberating to lay back in the hot sun and feel the warm breeze on your entire body. It felt good; I felt free; and I felt sexy in my own way.

The river itself was a sensation. Moving through the flowing water is unique when you’re naked in the daylight. As I swam along one shallow area, I could feel the pumice of the sand rub along my body.   Alone in the water, shoulders heated in the sun, I allowed the current to push my body backwards along the sand. Sensuality came through the scratch of the coarse sand along my body from my chest to my toes. It aroused my senses and my spirit.   I wished I could swim this way every day.

In the end, our only regret is that it took so long to try the experience! Sure, my shoulders are sunburned. But I only remember the peace of the gorgeous surroundings, the beauty of the clouds, and the cheerfulness of the people as they enjoyed feeling one with nature.

Now who’s ready to go?



  1. Very captivating description of your experience. It really isn’t intuitive to think stripping down can make opening up and connecting easier, so what a great realization to have there. Perhaps in addition to the glorious surroundings, it’s also the nature of the people, who are willing to take it all off, that make them open, friendly and approachable. Thanks for giving such a vivid recount of this adventure!

  2. Although the experience was slightly different for me, I enjoyed your take on the day. I fully agree the people and land were beautiful. It was a spiritual day filled with happiness and magik.

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