INTERVIEW: BJ Stahl, All-around Dynamo

I have known this woman forever it seems. She’s a dynamo and a force of nature. She prefers to be thought of as a “freak of nature” and wears that badge with honor. She’s what I hope to be when I grow up. For real!  I can’t even begin to communicate the respect and love I have for her. So I won’t. But you get the point. And you will love her too.

As I’ve done with all our interviewees, I sent her a list of questions that she was free to answer by picking and choosing.  Below is what I got back. At first, I thought to myself, “How do I tease this out to fit the format of the other interviews?”. But why try? That’s like trying to fit into a box, and there’s no box known to man that could contain her brilliance or her energy.  So here she is in all her unboxed glory.

Libidacoria Magazine is proud to present this month’s feature interview, BJ Stahl.


My name is BJ Stahl….I’m an entertainer… know…I do whatever it takes…to entertain!  I sing, play guitar, emcee, burlesque as well as I’m a wedding officiant, journeyman commercial painter, artist and seamstress.  My hats are many and varied!  I like to think I wear them well.  When I am on stage…..I am my true self…unencumbered, raw yet guarded…..she’s my baby girl!  She’s vulnerable and controlling.  If I could be her all the time……I would be too imposing…..she lives out loud…..AND LOVES IT!  She’s a little narcissistic but will hear your woes and comfort you…….but when the lights come on….the music begins…..Honey,,,get out of my way….that’s my cue!  I giggle at her because I know her insecurity…..but honey, she is commanding that stage!  I back off and let her do her thing…..she is me, and I’m so proud of her!  I don’t really know how to juggle between my racy side and home side…..without the stage.  I have no desire to have sex outside my home, but I sure want to exude its possibility to the audience.  I want to feel the burn of their gaze…….I want to feel their eyes penetrate me…..I’m rarely disappointed…even at my age!  I like to think I listen to my inner self and follow it.  I have to admit, it took me more years than I’d like to listen.  My future is bright….bright as all the ideas within myself.  I am a visualizer…..I like to see the possibilty in my mind and let the Universe bring it to me, if that will make me happy.  It may sound random….but I have learned to follow what my gut tells me… can call it what you will….I call it My Universe.  My life in a word….MOTION!  Always moving toward…..never backwards.  I don’t like to dwell in the past.  That has been both cathartic and empty.   Melancholy and sad.  But, without a lot of happy memories, this proves to be perfect for me.  I have something that sends me into outer space….it’s my pet peeve!  So, I’ve agreed to come to your party,….your event….to entertain.  You tell me….hey, bring your guitar and your sound equipment and share your beautiful voice with us……we love to hear you sing!!!  I turn down a function where I know it would be awesome and go to your event.  I take my time, equipment and dress to entertain… know, don’t want to look like I just walked in from the plowing…..and I begin a 3-4 hour show for you and your guests.  I start the show…..the talking can be heard on stage……I think, wow, must not have my sound up enough…let’s turn that baby up a notch!  It is louder…..and so is the crowd……this continues until the guests have out done me……I am just something in the background.  I’m giving my all….digging deep for emotion to share……fingers hurting….throat sore….ego bruised…..and it drains you.  Why not just turn on the radio……plug in your iPod……hook up your Bose stereo speaker.  I am not……BACKGROUND……I came to make you laugh, make you cry and make you escape into folly……..and you want me to be …….BACKGROUND!!!  What does that exchange mean…….?  Whatever it is….it hurts!   I’ll tell you what doesn’t hurt…..when someone “hears” you……or truly “sees” you!  Nothing can get me more excited……more in need of hot penetration than…..acknowledging my existence with hot desire to please me.  From the gaze with icy fluid… the slightest of touch…..just enough to want me to fall into it… the words that say…….I haven’t lived through that…..but I’m here for you.  Not in a rush……allowing flow!  That is hot!


Now, for a little funny.  Many years ago….I was working on the South Texas Nuclear Project….. as an industrial painter.  My part time job was a singing act.  I was maybe 30……very well built and toned, as my job was very physical.  I worked 4 12 hour shifts, then was off for 4 days.  My off days were about entertaining……out in Texas……big ole gigs out on ranches and such!  One night, I was playing a local Honky Tonk when a young good looking hot thing came into the lounge.  He sat in front of the stage and gave me >>>>>THE EYE!  Oh, I thought he was mine to take home…..mine for the picking.  It was a 4-hour show night…..we were so so tired.  The man only stared at me throughout the night…..never approached.  I thought he was being respectful…..he knew I was working.  The end of the night came…..he moseyed up to my table where my singing partner and I were splitting out till for the night.  I saw him walk closer and closer… heart was throbbing and my mind was racing.  Oh….he looked like he could go all night long……and I was willing to put my aches and pains of a full night show to the wayside and give him a whirl!  He strolled up to me…..tilted his head so sweetly…..leaned a little closer, then closer and said……….”Hey,…….Have you got a daughter?”  I must have paled immediately because my blood ran cold as I posed this……”Do you ever want one?”……with my fist tight and my eyes fixed on his crotch!  I never saw him again…..he sure was hot though!!!

You can find BJ on Facebook here.

For a special treat, search her on YouTube to get a taste of her music and amazing voice.

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