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Indian Roadmaster

by The Heart Wrecker

indian roadmaster

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the 2015 Indian Roadmaster was, man, it is SEXY.  Then as I learned more about it, I started to realize it is just like a woman– sexy on the outside and full of surprises on the inside.

My favorite description so far is “techie meets biker.”  To start off, you notice the typical batwing front that a lot of bikes have, but what is unique to the new Indian is that the windshield is adjustable and automatic.  With just the push of a button, you can customize the height to fit conditions or personal comfort.  This is especially nice when that unexpected rain pops up.

Another great feature of the new Roadmaster is that it has over thirty seven gallons of weatherproof storage in the  saddlebags, a roomy trunk, and fairing, including convenient front storage in the lowers for all those things you need for that cross-country ride or week-long trip to Sturgis. The storage in the lowers is accessible from the saddle for those extra shades or whatever you may need at hand while riding.

Another thing at your fingertips is control of the heated seats and hand grips for when that evening ride gets a little chilly.

Other great features of ride comfort are the fully adjustable rear seat arm rests and adjustable passenger floorboards.

indian seat

Now…let’s get to the important part of any bike, HORSEPOWER!

The Indian Roadmaster boasts a 111 cubic inch motor with 119 foot pounds of torque which equals all the GO POWER you would ever need.  Whether you are bar hopping around town or heading to Daytona Bike Week, this has you covered.

To help manage that power is the usual front shift along with an adjustable heel shifter. The kind of power this bike brings to the road is made controllable by years of  experience from true biker builds.  The rich history of Polaris and Victory make the amazing comeback of the Indian possible, and it looks like it is here for years to come. 

I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Luxury Just Pours Out in This Blog

by Kristie LeVangie

Water is water, right?  We buy it by the bottles due to convenience as we trek off to the gym, running errands, or to the office.

There are tons of brands to choose from in your local supermarket and a case could run you between $4 and $10 in most cases.

Sure, we’ll have concern about landfills and how our bad consumerism will ruin the environment, but it’s not stopping us.  As of 2012, Americans were consuming nearly 9.1 BILLION gallons of bottled water and spending a whopping $21.7 BILLION.

Just imagine how that number would be affected by the following list.

Luxury isn’t just for cars, handbags or exquisite dinners.  Luxury has also hit the bottled water market.

And assuming you have a few hundred, or even a few thousands, to kick around on some pure liquid libation, a little googling could have you drinking in style.

Here’s a list of 8 of the most expensive luxury bottled waters in the world.

8. AquaDeco – $12 per 750 ml


We start the list at a mere $12 a bottle.

Aquadeco, awarded the 2007 Gold Medal as the best non-carbonated water and another for its bottle design, is sourced from unspoiled and untouched springs in Canada.  The aquifer from which this brand comes was created on an “undifferentiated glacial till with a predominantly sandy silt matrix during the last ice age, some 18,000 years ago.”  With it’s retreat, it left layers of sand that, acting as a filtration device, were able to remove pollutants and ions at the atomic level for some of the most pristine drinking water on the market.

7. 10 Thousand BC – $14 per 750 ml


Inching up in price, our next entry registers in at $14 a bottle.

10 Thousand BC is sourced from a location off the Canadian coast so remote, it would take 3 days just to get to there.  First, you would begin up the Coastal Glacier Mountain Range, through the Desolation Sound, and finally to Toba Inlet, just 200 miles north of Vancouver.  Only accessible by the ocean, it is unspoiled by man.  From the former glacial location, it is transported by stainless steel water trucks to the bottling plant in Kelowna, British Columbia.


6. VEEN – $23 per 750 ml


Coming in at #6, we go to Finland.

Finnish brand, VEEN, offers may variations and is sourced from many unique natural springs, including Finnish Lapland and Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.  The name is derived from “Veen Emonen” (or Mother of Water).

The “wave bottle”, designed by Antti Eklund, has been nominated for a number of awards and won the 2007 Best Bottle in Glass Award at Global Bottled Water World.  The first VEEN bottle can actually been seen in its Helsinki Design Museum home where it rests today.  Eklund used the first wave that Veen Emonen raised as his inspiration.

5. Bling! H2O – $40 per 750 ml


Still not sure I’m assaulting your checkbook too much, #5 is starting to make a dent.

Bottled at it’s English Mountain Spring source located at the base of the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, this water is the brainchild of Hollywood writer-producer, Kevin G. Boyd.  Bling H2O can be found in the hands of sociality Paris Hilton and throughout the Hollywood scene.  It was featured at the MTV Video Music Awards and at the The Emmys.  Winning the gold medal for Best Tasting water at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition, Bling H2O is certainly attaining its mission to “offer a product with an exquisite face to match exquisite taste.

And considering each bottle stands as a work of art, jewelry-like in nature, it’s surprising it doesn’t cost a bit more.  From the Goldilocks version:

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.19.40 AM

to the 10,000 Swarovski Crystal version that will set you back $2,600:

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.25.38 AM

It’s almost too beautiful to drink.

4. Fillico – $219 per 750 ml


Next we fly to Japan for our #4 listing.

Fitting of royalty, all Fillico bottled waters are topped with regal crowns.  Each bottle is produced by hand, so production is limited to just 5,000 bottles per month.  Sourced from the highly regarded Nunobiki spring located in the Rokkou National Park in Kobe, this water is so pure it also used by a Sake producer in its hometown.

And just like Bling! H2O, their bottles are essentially jewelry-like in nature.  In fact, they advertise as such on their website.  Crystals not your style?  Try out their rock-and-roll version:

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.50.52 AM


Perhaps something a little more cutesy and Asian-inspired?  Why not their Hello Kitty branded bottle?

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.24.45 AM

3. Kona Nigari Water – $402 per 750 ml

Kona Nigari Water

For #3, we stay in the Japanese market.  This time exploring Kona Nigari water.

Gathered 2,000 feet deep below the ocean’s surface just off the island of Hawaii, this water is quite literally marketed as the Fountain of Youth.  They claim it helps you lose weight, reduces stress and improves your skin tone and quality.  Made of desalinated sea water and said to be so potent, this is sold only in 2 oz. containers.  It’s suggested you mix a few drops with regular drinking water.

To achieve a gallon, it will cost you just over $2100!

2. Exousia Gold 

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.27.06 AM

Ironically, the entry at #2 isn’t taking the gold– although it does contain it.

The atomic properties of Exousia Gold contains real gold (24 carat) and is supposed to give this water anti-aging properties.  Of course, it comes at a price– $24,000!

I can’t provide you with the source or distillation process on this one however.  It’s a well-guarded secret.

1. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – 750 ml



And coming in at #1 and THE most expensive bottled water on Earth is Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani.  Almost as extravagant as the bottle is this one’s name.

This time the bottle is made of 24-carat gold and designed by Fernando Altamirano.  You may know that name as a designer for Tequila Ley, one of the most expensive spirits manufacturers in the world.

Sourced from locations all around the world, the water inside the bottle gets virtually little attention despite it also containing 5 milligrams of gold dust.  It’s the bottle itself that steals the show here.  Based on artwork by the late Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, this sold at auction in Mexico City in 2010 for $774,000 pesos, or $60,000 U.S.

Is $60,000 out of your price range?  Perhaps you’d like to downgrade to versions at more affordable $3,600?  You can try their versions in gold matte, silver, silver matte and crystal.


So…what you are waiting for?  Go hydrate yourself!

The 2017 Porsche 960

by Kristie LeVangie

Yes, I know.  We’re still in 2014.  But automobiles, much like dogs, have their own quirky time measurements.  And while still in development, it’s our job here to keep you updated on the latest, most lavish ways to spend your cold hard cash.

…And spend you will with its likely $250,000+ price tag.  But it’s a beautiful machine perhaps worthy of the expense.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.24.08 AM

There was a time when Porsche was the ultimate in sportscar luxury.  A moniker of success and driven by the affluent, the 911 Turbo and the GT3 were Porsche’s most popular models.  However, today Porsche has slipped into a niche brand rather than a supercar competitor.

…But Porsche is hoping the 960 will change all that.

The mid-engined 960 is being positioned between the 911 Turbo and the 918 Spyder models.  Some sources say it’s a slightly bigger and more powerful version of Porsche’s Cayman model.

Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman Model


Made mostly of aluminum and composite, the 960 can be tailored for mid- or rear-engine applications, will likely house a flat-8 cylinder engine, and will generate a surplus of 650 horsepower, or in girl terms, it will go 0 to 100 km/hr in just 2.5 seconds.  With all-wheel drive and quad turbos, the Porsche 960 is looking to take on its competition, like the Audi R8, Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Porsche is coming full-force on this one with estimates suggesting 3000 to 4000 cars a year starting in February 2017 and running for about 6 years.

So the good news is…there is time to save.

Bad news is…you have to wait a bit before you can slip into the seduction.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.23.42 AM

Loafing Around This Summer

by Kristie LeVangie

If you are like me, you can’t help but notice one of the hottest trends this summer is…Loafers.

Ballet flats are so 2000, and the Loafer is blazing its way onto the store shelves as well as the runway.

Whether it’s Erdem’s Resort 2014 runway show

Erdam Resort 2014


or Creatures of the Wind Spring 2014 runway show

Creatures of the Wind Spring 2014

or even Alexander Wang’s Resort 2014 collection,

Alexander Wang Resort 2014


Loafers are everywhere this season.

Women are leaving beyond the pain of heels and choosing comfort in looks from casual

Casual Loafer

to career

Career Loafer

to dressy.

Dressy Loafer


And here are some of our favorite looks this season:

(Click on any image to be taken to to purchase or for more detail.)

1.  Dress them up.

Salvatore Ferragamo Scotty Loafers


Aquatalia by Marvin K. Yaelle


Stuart Weitzman Guything Loafers

2.  Dress them down.

Burberry Hodgeson Loafers


Arche Drick

Cole Haan Trillby Driver



3.  Great for play.

Marc Jacobs Shorty Loafer


Rebecca Minkoff Sisa

Anne Klein Myles

4.  Great for work.

Michael Kors Braedon Collection


Michael Kors Jemma Loafers


Bass Wayfarer

5.  Great for everyday.

Kate Spade New York Nella Loafer

Giuseppe Zanotti E46155


Kenneth Cole New York Hard Line


So stop loafing around.  Get on trend this summer and pick up a pair or two.

We’re curious.  What’s your loafer style?

A Source for Great Smut Peddling

by Johnny Jackhammer

I love it when personal hobbies intersect.  I enjoy visual erotica, and I’m a comic and cartoon fan.  When they come together, I am at a high level of happiness.

Smut Peddler was a terrific erotic comic anthology created by amazing female artists in 2012.  They put their book out via a Kickstarter Campaign, and I feel lucky to have jumped in as a supporter during their small window.

The Smut Peddler books feature something for everyone.  There is plenty of MM, MF, FF, MMF, FFM, and orgy content to please most everyone.  The mix of gender flexible and edgy stories is just right for the very kinkiest of ladies.  ( The biggest fans of gay porn I know are all super sexy women.  Don’t believe me, just ask her!  You might be surprised.)


It went so well that the creative team is putting out a Volume 2, and you’re in time to grab a copy!

Here’s the link!

Smut Peddler 2 features many of my favorite artists.  Perhaps you’ve seen the works of Jess Fink, Danielle Corsetto, and Niki Smith.  There are dozens more talented ladies who know how to really bring the sex and sensuality to the page.

If you missed out on the first edition, I recommend you consider supporting at the $25 level, which will get you the digital copies of both the original 2012 volume and the upcoming 2014 volume 2.  There are many choices for great packages and premiums, and I know that you’ll be happy with the quality, variety, and craft these graphic artists come forward with.

I’d love to compare notes about the stories that you enjoyed and maybe even were allured by!

Post your sharing below.



by Wrecker

SCCY industries is an up-and-coming player in the firearms industry and a good bang for your buck. I recently learned about this company, and having done A LOT of research, this firearm is quickly becoming my favorite.

It is lightweight at only 15 ounces, and with a 10 +1 capacity, you are never without enough ammunition for any situation. This firearm also comes from SCCY with an extra magazine. It comes supplied with extended magazines, but if you prefer you can switch to the flush mount plates for a fully customized experience. And finally, it includes a trigger lock with two keys for storing this firearm  safely.

There are only four varieties available in design, which helps keep the cost down.

Option 1 is the model. There is the CPX-1 and CPX-2.

The CPX-1 comes with an external thumb safety which is ambidextrous and easy-to-operate in the shooting position without being in the way.  It also has an inertial firing pin with a 9-pound trigger pull.

The CPX-2 is identical to the CPX-1 minus the external safety.

Both versions come in two-tone and in all black.

The receivers are made of  aircraft-grade heat-treated aluminum, and the frame is made of Zytel polymer.  They have a recoil-absorbing backstrap integrated into the frame giving this gun a comfortable grip.

This compact pistol has an overall size of  5.7″ x 4″ x 1″  and fits easily into most pant pockets or very concealed under even lightweight clothing.   They are double-action, only with an internal hammer, so there is nothing to snag while drawing this weapon.

These weapons come with a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty, which is very rare in this industry.  Not to mention, these are 100% American made in the Nascar capital of Daytona Beach, Florida.

For a price of between $300 – $350 (depending on where you live), it’s a good deal for a great feeling of safety.

According to their website, in  1998, Joe Roebuck recognized the increasing demand for a safe, simple to use, and affordable firearm as a growing number of states enacted legislation to allow concealed-carry permits. With more than three decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Roebuck set out to apply his skills as a Tool & Die Maker and Mechanical Design Engineer to design the CPX series of 9mm firearms, and in this writer’s opinion, he has accomplished what he set out to do.

The “SCCY” (pronounced ‘sky’) is the limit for this up and coming company.

BMW Motorrad’s 2014 R nine T Motorcycle

by Kristie LeVangie

Picture courtesy of BMW Motorrad website

Picture courtesy of BMW Motorrad website


Created to mark their 90th anniversary, BMW Motorrad is set to release the sexy BMW R nineT this month.   From initial glance one might think this is a custom-built bike, but that is not the case.  Make no mistake though, someone with some real know-how can customize this baby to the hilt.

Deeply rooted in BMW Boxer history, the R nineT is a masterfully designed bike powered by a air/oil-cooled 2-cyclinder 4-stroke flat twin engine.  With its 12.0 : 1 compression ratio and up to 119 Nm at 6.000 rpm torque, it’s powerhouse on two wheels reaching speeds of over 200 kilometers an hour.

The speedometer and rev counter harken back to its historical lineage, while its minimalistic look, including an upside down fork at the front and BMW Motorrad Paralever in the rear, is undeniably futuristic.

For more details on this gorgeous new ride or to locate a dealership near you, visit BMW Motorrad’s website here.

The Male Comeback to the Artificial Hymen

by Kristie LeVangie

That’s right.  Whatever women can do, guys can do…right?

A few blogs back, I brought you the Artificial Hymen, a product that women can insert inside themselves to replay their virgin purity all over again.  Well, it seems that men too are searching for ways to regain their innocence.  Case in point, this week I bring you The Tugger(c).

The TLC Tugger(c) company offers a variety to products for male foreskin restoration.

From the top of the line, TLC-X(c),

to the basic TLC Tugger(c),

these are products that stretch the shaft of the penis up over the head to reproduce the uncircumcised state.   But wait, there’s an entire movement toward foreskin.  Check out his website and learn more.

Not only does the TLC Tugger company offer a variety of products, there is also a variety of methods that can be used to maximize your results.  Here, the founder of TLC Tugger illustrates the “Over-the-Shoulder” method.

Yep…only here, folks.

On a serious note though, it does seem to be a movement toward non-circumcision to protect the sensitivity of the head.  As ridiculous as this may sound, it could be argued the same principle premises behind the abolishment of female circumcision.  I think we can chalk this up to a cultural and societal mores and practices.

This Article is Written a Little Tongue-in-Tech

by Kristie LeVangie

A little oral dexterity never hurt anyone, right?

Well, loosen up those tongues because there’s a new wave of technology taking the mobile industry by storm.

Go to your app store, type in “oral sex” and watch a plethora of apps reveal themselves promising to help improve your oral skills.  The latest in the craze to gain attention is Lick This, an app developed by Club Sexy Time, based out of San Francisco.  Huffington Post recently reported on this on their website.

But Lick This is not cornering the sex app market by any means.   A perusal of my Android marketplace shows apps that promise to educate you with a library of oral sex tips and tricks.  There is an app for oral sexual positions, one to keep your sex log, and yet others not so blatantly sexual, like Lick the Icicle, Unilever’s Cornetto Lick Challenge or Lick Your Screen.

Try the Spicy Sex Wheel (Sex Roulette) app to spice some

things up in the bedroom or turn your phone into a vibrator with the Droid Vibrator app or iTune’s MyVibe.  The Sex 8 Ball app will help turn your love life into a game too and promises to help you discover new positions.

Need a bit more inspiration first?  Check out the Sex Drive app which pulses binaural beats on to your Apple device and claims to increase sexual desire in 10-15 minutes worth of listening.

Welcome a little critique?  An app called Passion evaluates your stamina and your “activity” level.  Just lay your iPhone on your bed before you start “getting it on”.  The app claims to use the microphone and motion sensors when giving you your sex score.

Now go forth with technology and attempt to score.  I’ve given you all the tools to improve your game.