CAUGHT! Putting the “Squeeze” on Her Man

downloadI’ll be surprised if Christina Lorena Reber will ever have another man after you hear this story.

Christina, a 46-year-old Indiana resident, was sentenced yesterday to two years in prison for felony battery. She was charged after police learned that she flew into a rage after her 60-year-old boyfriend broke up with her just days before Valentine’s in 2012.

Bitter over the break-up, Christina literally took her man’s junk into her bare hands and squeezed as hard as she could until his scrotum was torn from his body.

In excruciating pain, the victim fought to pry his detached scrotum from Christina’s hands.

He was later treated at Muncie’s Ball Memorial Hospital where he underwent reconstructive surgery. Still with periods of pain, he will likely never be the same.

As our public service announcement, men, you have been warned about this one.

Caught! “Hot” Yoga Gets This Chick High

by Kristie LeVangie

For today’s story, we go to Ocala, Florida, where police found a woman doing yoga…

in the middle of the road…

with her truck still running…

and her pants around her ankles…

and a nasty little drug problem.

Michele Rene CernakPolice in Ocala, Florida, picked up Michele Rene Cernak on Wednesday afternoon after they found her doing yoga half-naked just blocks away from a middle school.

Witnesses claim that in-between stretches, she was removing articles of clothing.  By the time they got to her, she was in the middle of the street with her pants around her ankles.

Michele Rene Cernak, who is 51 and a resident of Texas, parked her gold Chevy GMC pickup truck on the side of the road, left it running and decided to do a bit of “hot” yoga.  (Okay, maybe not so hot judging from this picture.)

Hey, when you gotta stretch…

When officers searched her pickup, they found a syringe, heroin, 3 types of prescription medications, and a crack pipe.

How was she even able to drive???

Shame, shame, Ms. Cernak.

She is currently being held in the Marion County Jail on $5000 bond and is being charged with a “few” counts of possession.

Not to stretch this story even further, but…

I have to try this yoga thing out.  It must be wonderful.


CAUGHT: You Just Got Facebook Analyzed!

Cracked-Facebook-Logoby Kristie LeVangie

The big news today comes from Facebook, and some people are outraged.  Others of us realize, shit like this happens ALL the time.

News broke this weekend that the social media giant manipulated almost 700,000 users’ news feeds in 2012 in an attempt to study whether emotion can be influenced by social media.

The catch is no one was told about it until results were released this weekend.

While the company was in legal compliance to do so, some users feel as if their privacy was violated.  By accepting the Terms & Conditions of the social media site upon enrollment, you signed over your right to be forewarned.

So what exactly did Facebook do?  “The experiment involved reducing the number of positive news feeds for some and reducing the number of negative news feed for others. The study found that the more positive the news feeds a user received, the more positive their postings became, and vice versa,” says Yahoo’s The Daily Ticker.

Needless to say, Facebookers tend to get a bit raw when their Facebook is messed with.

The study’s lead researcher, Adam Kramer, took to his own Facebook page to apologize:

“Having written and designed this experiment myself, I can tell you that our goal was never to upset anyone. I can understand why some people have concerns about it, and my coauthors and I are very sorry for the way the paper described the research and any anxiety it caused. In hindsight, the research benefits of the paper may not have justified all of this anxiety.”

This paragraph was embedded in a post offering some additional explanation on the study:

Adam Kramer - Facebook

For the study details, click here.

8-Milgram-ExperimentFor the rest of us social psychologists, non-consensual experimentation is nothing new.  Wikipedia shows a laundry list of non-consensual experiments, including the famous Milgram Experiment from 1961.

The advertising world is a consistent arena for non-consensual social psychology experimentation.  Every time they change a package, a message, a color, a situation…be warned that they are measuring your reaction to the change in brand awareness measures or cost-volume measurements.

The easiest thing to do if you don’t like it?  Shut down your social profile and then, and only then, will Facebook likely take the hint.

For now, Facebook apologizes for the communication regarding the experiment, but not for the experiment itself.  They say they will use what they learned on this study to adjust their communication to users in the future.

Do you feel violated?  What’s your take?



CAUGHT: The People of Walmart Got Nothing on This Guy

by Kristie LeVangie

Last Saturday, June 14th, at about 12:45 in the afternoon, in a Walmart in Tulsa, Oklahoma, older ladies in Spandex pajama pants were the least of Walmart’s troubling displays.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.22.23 AMWitnesses reported Derek Bennett, a 26-year-old man, was caught masturbating in the grocery section of his local Walmart.

He was booked on two counts of indecent exposure after security cameras caught him pulling his genitals from his pants and proceeding with his business.  After he “came” to completion, he left the store where he was arrested when officers pulled him over in his vehicle.

He interrupted officers attempting to read him his rights and reportedly told them he “went to high school” and “knew his rights.”  He went on to admit to the offense but stated he was surprised that people had actually seen him.  He offered up that he was completely sober.

Bennett is currently in the Tulsa County Jail as he has yet to offer up the $10,000 bail amount set by the judge in this case.

Once again we are let to play “What’s his motive?” as no explanation has been offered up for his grocery aisle antics.  So I’ll go first.

He was trying to figure out how they get the cream inside the Twinkie-like sponge cakes?


Caught: This Guy is Looner Tunes

by Kristie LeVangie

I’m from Ohio, and yes, I can verify that there is little to do here for entertainment.  But this man has taken that to a whole other level as he plays out his romance for all to see.

Edwin TobergtaEdwin Tobergta, from Hamilton, Ohio, was arrested yesterday for allegedly having sex on the side of the road with his lover.  This is the fourth time Mr. Tobergta has been arrested for this type of offense.

What makes this story even better (in my opinion) is that Mr. Tobergta has a Looner Fetish.  His “lover” was an inflatable pool raft!

Looner fetishists are “categorized in the realm of paraphilia — meaning a love of some object, whether it’s an inanimate one or a non-consenting partner,” says Dr. Soroya Bacchus.

Interestingly, there are two facets within the looner fetish community.  A “popper” is someone who loves to destroy the object of his affection (often near climax).  And a “non-popper” is someone who will protect his love object come Hell or high water.

As noted previously, Tobergta was caught in 2011 with his pants down in an alley with his neighbor’s inflatable raft.  (It was pink denoting feminism, right?)  After being jailed on that charge, he was arrested again in 2013 for the same offense with the EXACT SAME raft!  It MUST be true love.

I guess we know Edwin is a non-popper.

While the second offense was in Tobergta’s home, he pled guilty to public indecency since it was in eye shot of children during the day.

Authorities haven’t confirmed that this latest incident was with his beloved pink raft yet again, but I’m laying odds.

Tobergta’s first official offense was in 2002 for publicly pleasuring himself with an inflatable pumpkin.

But hey…you have to hump a few pumpkins before you can find Mrs. Right.  Right?

CAUGHT: Man Now Fights to Save His Own Skin

by Kristie LeVangie

There aren’t many things that make my skin crawl, but this story definitely has to be one of them.

Gary DudekGary Dudek, of Wallingford, Pennsylvania, was caught on surveillance twice allegedly placing stolen skin grafts in his car.  The 54-year-old is being charged with allegedly stealing human skin and tampering with records.

Mr. Dudek was a sales rep for Organogenesis after starting in September 2006 and was in charge of managing accounts for Mercy Philadelphia Hospital’s bio-science department and supplying the hospital with skin grafts.

It is believed that Dudek made several unauthorized purchases and stole skin to the tune of an estimated $357,000!!!

What does one do with that much skin???

Well, unfortunately, we can’t answer that question quite yet.  There has been no statement made about the motive or explanation about the circumstances, but we will definitely keep you posted if we hear.

Dudek’s lawyer claims the hospital has not yet proven his client has done anything wrong.

Dudek refused to talk to the media.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.56.50 PM

…But then what does one expect?

So what are your thoughts on the motive?  Is he the charitable skin Robin Hood?  Is this part of his latest diet craze?  Is he selling it as a side business?  Is it making furniture like an Ed Gein copycat?  Is he attempting to reattach his foreskin?

What do you think?


CAUGHT! Horsing Around

by Kristie LeVangie

Legally named Donald, this Arizona self-identified transgendered person was busted after posting a Missed Connection ad on Craigslist on April 8th.

The police got involved after reading this ad she posted:

“I am 22 years old and I want to play with a male Horse. Simple as that. If you have access to a Male horse, and can allow me access to a male horse, then contact me please 😉 I will do something in return.”

She admitted to wanting to give a horse oral sex when undercover officers contacted her regarding her ad, and she was brought up on conspiracy to commit bestiality charges on Tuesday.

To read more on this bizarre story, click here.

Coldwell Realtors “Heat Up” the Real Estate Market in New Jersey

Well, we can’t exactly show you everything, but…

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.04.15 PM

HLN TV – Realtor Sex Caught on Surveillance

This footage (and the more lascivious portions that were censored out) will face a New Jersey court where a man claims that beginning in 2011, two Coldwell Banker agents, Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan, were using his listed property as a sexual meeting place. He’s claiming his property was listed above market value to discourage interest so the two could carry on their torrid meetings, presumedly for convenience.

The couple discovered the indiscretion in January of 2013 when they saw flashlights held by intruders via a live feed they had to monitor the property. Police were immediately called and showed up just in time to literally catch Lindsay with his pants down. Lindsay did what any other person caught in the act might do and lied to police claiming the two were prepping for an open house on the property.


The home’s security recordings caught the whole thing, and the homeowner filed suit in December for compensatory damages due to invasion of privacy, infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and trespass of land according to court records.

It’s no surprise the two agents were let go by Coldwell, but what makes this story slightly more bizarre is that one of agents, Lindsay, has filed a countersuit alleging the homeowner actually tried to blackmail the couple requesting $900,000 or the video would be released to the media.

The homeowner is denying the charges put forth in the countersuit.