How a Crop Top Ended My Relationship

Oh Wize One: How a Crop Top Ended My Relationship

Oh Wize One


In all seriousness my ex boyfriend and I were going to break up eventually. I think my cheap $3 crop top from Forever 21 just sped up the inevitable. We had been living together for over a year and I was at my breaking point. ( I would try to estimate how he was feeling around that time but this isn’t his blog)

Also if you think this post will be about how he made me feel insecure the night I wore a crop top, prepare to be disappointed. I bought the top about a month before I wore it out. I thought the sales associate neglected to put it in my bag.

I was getting dressed to go out with friends with high anxiety feeling like I had nothing to wear. Frantically throwing clothes around our bedroom I found my $3 crop top. My level of excitement went through the…

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