INTERVIEW: BJ Stahl, All-around Dynamo

I have known this woman forever it seems. She’s a dynamo and a force of nature. She prefers to be thought of as a “freak of nature” and wears that badge with honor. She’s what I hope to be when I grow up. For real!  I can’t even begin to communicate the respect and love I have for her. So I won’t. But you get the point. And you will love her too.

As I’ve done with all our interviewees, I sent her a list of questions that she was free to answer by picking and choosing.  Below is what I got back. At first, I thought to myself, “How do I tease this out to fit the format of the other interviews?”. But why try? That’s like trying to fit into a box, and there’s no box known to man that could contain her brilliance or her energy.  So here she is in all her unboxed glory.

Libidacoria Magazine is proud to present this month’s feature interview, BJ Stahl.


My name is BJ Stahl….I’m an entertainer… know…I do whatever it takes…to entertain!  I sing, play guitar, emcee, burlesque as well as I’m a wedding officiant, journeyman commercial painter, artist and seamstress.  My hats are many and varied!  I like to think I wear them well.  When I am on stage…..I am my true self…unencumbered, raw yet guarded…..she’s my baby girl!  She’s vulnerable and controlling.  If I could be her all the time……I would be too imposing…..she lives out loud…..AND LOVES IT!  She’s a little narcissistic but will hear your woes and comfort you…….but when the lights come on….the music begins…..Honey,,,get out of my way….that’s my cue!  I giggle at her because I know her insecurity…..but honey, she is commanding that stage!  I back off and let her do her thing…..she is me, and I’m so proud of her!  I don’t really know how to juggle between my racy side and home side…..without the stage.  I have no desire to have sex outside my home, but I sure want to exude its possibility to the audience.  I want to feel the burn of their gaze…….I want to feel their eyes penetrate me…..I’m rarely disappointed…even at my age!  I like to think I listen to my inner self and follow it.  I have to admit, it took me more years than I’d like to listen.  My future is bright….bright as all the ideas within myself.  I am a visualizer…..I like to see the possibilty in my mind and let the Universe bring it to me, if that will make me happy.  It may sound random….but I have learned to follow what my gut tells me… can call it what you will….I call it My Universe.  My life in a word….MOTION!  Always moving toward…..never backwards.  I don’t like to dwell in the past.  That has been both cathartic and empty.   Melancholy and sad.  But, without a lot of happy memories, this proves to be perfect for me.  I have something that sends me into outer space….it’s my pet peeve!  So, I’ve agreed to come to your party,….your event….to entertain.  You tell me….hey, bring your guitar and your sound equipment and share your beautiful voice with us……we love to hear you sing!!!  I turn down a function where I know it would be awesome and go to your event.  I take my time, equipment and dress to entertain… know, don’t want to look like I just walked in from the plowing…..and I begin a 3-4 hour show for you and your guests.  I start the show…..the talking can be heard on stage……I think, wow, must not have my sound up enough…let’s turn that baby up a notch!  It is louder…..and so is the crowd……this continues until the guests have out done me……I am just something in the background.  I’m giving my all….digging deep for emotion to share……fingers hurting….throat sore….ego bruised…..and it drains you.  Why not just turn on the radio……plug in your iPod……hook up your Bose stereo speaker.  I am not……BACKGROUND……I came to make you laugh, make you cry and make you escape into folly……..and you want me to be …….BACKGROUND!!!  What does that exchange mean…….?  Whatever it is….it hurts!   I’ll tell you what doesn’t hurt…..when someone “hears” you……or truly “sees” you!  Nothing can get me more excited……more in need of hot penetration than…..acknowledging my existence with hot desire to please me.  From the gaze with icy fluid… the slightest of touch…..just enough to want me to fall into it… the words that say…….I haven’t lived through that…..but I’m here for you.  Not in a rush……allowing flow!  That is hot!


Now, for a little funny.  Many years ago….I was working on the South Texas Nuclear Project….. as an industrial painter.  My part time job was a singing act.  I was maybe 30……very well built and toned, as my job was very physical.  I worked 4 12 hour shifts, then was off for 4 days.  My off days were about entertaining……out in Texas……big ole gigs out on ranches and such!  One night, I was playing a local Honky Tonk when a young good looking hot thing came into the lounge.  He sat in front of the stage and gave me >>>>>THE EYE!  Oh, I thought he was mine to take home…..mine for the picking.  It was a 4-hour show night…..we were so so tired.  The man only stared at me throughout the night…..never approached.  I thought he was being respectful…..he knew I was working.  The end of the night came…..he moseyed up to my table where my singing partner and I were splitting out till for the night.  I saw him walk closer and closer… heart was throbbing and my mind was racing.  Oh….he looked like he could go all night long……and I was willing to put my aches and pains of a full night show to the wayside and give him a whirl!  He strolled up to me…..tilted his head so sweetly…..leaned a little closer, then closer and said……….”Hey,…….Have you got a daughter?”  I must have paled immediately because my blood ran cold as I posed this……”Do you ever want one?”……with my fist tight and my eyes fixed on his crotch!  I never saw him again…..he sure was hot though!!!

You can find BJ on Facebook here.

For a special treat, search her on YouTube to get a taste of her music and amazing voice.

INTERVIEW: Cassie Wolfe, LCSW, MEd., PhD Candidate

Cassie Wolfe, LCSW, MEd., PhD Candidate

Cassie Wolfe

Cassie Wolfe is a clinical social worker at an inpatient psychiatric facility where she provides case management and therapy (specializing in human sexuality) for adults, and sex education to our two adolescent units. She is also a guest lecture and facilitates trainings to other healthcare professionals on a variety of sexuality-related issues: adolescent sexuality, working with the LGBTQ population, and transgender healthcare concerns. And as if that weren’t enough, she is also part of a “sex expert” panel for providing sex and relationship advice to members who email questions.

How did you find yourself here? What’s your story?

Like many other young people, I was obsessed with learning and talking about sex. Since I was always open to talking about sex and relationships, I became the “go to” person for my friends. At 16, an opportunity presented itself to become an editorial board member for a nationally published teen written sexuality newsletter, Sex, Etc. Writing about sexual health issues sparked my desire to continue the conversation about sex and healthy sexuality by exploring any and every issue on the sexuality spectrum. I often joked about becoming a “sex therapist” and even dressed up as what I thought one might look like, for Halloween one year! Deep inside I knew I wanted to somehow merge my passion for helping people resolve their problems with my love and curiosity about sexual health; but, I was clueless about how to make it a reality.

My first real job out of college was as a treatment adherence counselor for individuals who were HIV-positive. It wasn’t, however, until my friend, Heather and I were drinking Starbucks and rummaging through books about relationships at Barnes and Nobles that I realized what I wanted and needed to do. Heather said, “I don’t know why you’re not doing this! You’ve always wanted to do sex therapy – do it already!” That night I started googling programs and was eventually accepted into Widener University’s dual degree masters in social work and doctorate in human sexuality program. Since starting the program, I have continued to work with people with HIV/AIDS, mental health, and/or substance abuse issues. I hope to eventually open a private practice and continue working with other healthcare professionals to educate them about sexuality issues that affect the people they treat.

If you could go back, would you do it again or take another path? And what would that look like you think?

I was always fascinated with law and animals; however, there’s not one day I wake up and think “What if.” I wake up every day loving what I do and feel inspired to do more. There was a three year gap between the time I graduated from undergrad and entered grad school; so perhaps if I could’ve changed my journey, I would’ve had it start a bit sooner.

Describe your life in one word.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching Judge Judy.

Worst assumptions made about you based on what you do?

Lots! That I must have something psychologically wrong with me to enjoy talking about sex and listening to people talk about their sex lives; that I must have been sexually abused as a child to pursue a career in this field; that I have sex with my clients; that I have sex with my clients and then teach them how to be better; that I somehow know everything about sex; that I must be interested in any and every sexual behavior; or that I watch couples having sex and coach them through every moment. There’s also this assumption that I’m one dimensional and only want to talk about sex 24/7.

Are women as sexually graphic as men in your experience?

I find that when people, both men and women, feel safe, comfortable, and trusting, they are equally as graphic. Sometimes all someone needs is permission to express him/herself free of guilt and judgment, and then poof, the floodgates are opened!

Correct some misconceptions about (your project/career/lifestyle).

Right now there is no title protection for terms like “therapist,” “counselor,” or “educator.” There are some people who have no formal training in human sexuality and are able to offer services and identify themselves as any of those titles. There are people who also identify themselves as “sexual surrogates” or “body workers” and also as “counselors,” who do engage sexually with the people who come to them for help. This creates mass confusion about who does what and why there are many assumptions about whether sex therapists have sex with their clients. Clinical professions such as social workers, psychologists, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and psychiatrists are all ethically bound by their respective boards to NOT have sexual relationships with their clients. Doing otherwise is a major ethical violation that would likely result in the loss of one’s license and ability to practice. In most states, it is still illegal to pay for sex or sexual acts like prostate massages or masturbation. If people are ever confused about what services someone is offering, a good starting place is to look up the credentials after their name.

Contact Cassie at any of her social media links:


Twitter: @SexGuruCSW


INTERVIEW: Lili Parallax

Lili Parallax

Performance art takes incredible strength– strength of character and strength in spirit.  This lady has that in spades!  Libidacoria Magazine is proud to present Lili Parallax, a Columbus performance artist who isn’t confined by normality.  She’s quirky.  She knows herself.  And that, my readers, makes her super interesting.  Enjoy!

Photography by James R. Parker (

When you “perform”, are you in character or yourself?

Lili is just a bigger version of myself. She’s all the emotions and eccentricities turned up a notch…or ten!

How did you find yourself here? What’s your story?

It’s been a winding journey! As a kid, I dabbled in dance and basically lived in flamboyant leotards, and then did show choir for several years as a teenager. I sort of lost interest in performing for a few years through college as I focused on my studies, but came back around to it when I decided to try a pole class after moving to Columbus. I tried it as an alternative to joining to a gym, and completely fell in love!

I was drawn to pole for a number of reasons:

1. It allowed me to fly, which obviously, is super fun and bad ass.
2. While I enjoy taking dance classes, I’ve never been very serious about it, so taking ballet as a beginner in your 20’s can be scary. Most pole studios are still adult-only, so I didn’t feel behind!
3. Underwear is appropriate (and necessary!) workout attire. As you advance, more skin contact is required to stick to the pole. I was timid at first, like most are, but when the option is taking off your shirt or plummeting to the Earth, you get over it.

After a year or so doing pole, I started to branch out and try other aerial apparatuses. I love them all, but like all aerialists, I tend to prefer some over others. They each require different skills and strengths, so it makes sense that different bodies would naturally be better at some over others. I perform primarily on pole and lyra (aerial hoop), but I’ve done some work on trapeze and corde lisse too (aerial rope). I’ve tried silks (aerial fabric), but I could never really get into it. I guess I just prefer having something hard in my hand (bah-dum-cha!).


Photography by Effy Falck

Correct some misconceptions about your art.

Aerial and pole dance is HARD. I know sometimes it looks easy, folks, but that’s because we work our butts off to make it look that way!  I sometimes get comments like, “It can’t be that difficult… I mean, strippers do it.”  Aside from being a generally ignorant comment, it just doesn’t make sense. How exactly do you think those strippers get those rockin’ bods?

I actually find that once people see the work it takes to do it, they respect both me and the art form more.

How do you juggle your “racy” side with your “home” side? And do they ever merge together?

Juggling my performer life and home life isn’t an issue at all, but I do have a 9-5 working, professional side that I like to keep separate. Having a stage name certainly helps with that, and it makes me feel like a super hero!

Describe your life in one word.


If you could go back, would you do it again or take another path? And what would that look like you think?

I’ve really enjoyed my journey, and it’s not so much that I wish I would have done things differently as much as sooner. I’m having so much fun; it would have been great to have been doing it all along!

What’s your cure for creative blockage?

I put on some music, close my eyes, and just start moving. If I can’t think of anything to do, I just bounce up and down, but eventually something comes. If that doesn’t work, I take a break, drink some booze, and then start the process over. There’s always a video recording, so I don’t forget anything genius that’s discovered in the fourth cycle or so.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

In college, my roommate and I would watch “Next” marathons on MTV. I haven’t seen it in years, and I still get withdrawal shakes when I think about it. It’s so unbelievably good/bad.

I also really dig Quiet Riot.

What’s your sexiest turn-on?

It’s something I’ve only realized lately, but I really dig underwear with ass capes.

What’s your perfect Sunday look like?

  • Breakfast – Cold pizza
  • Morning activities – practicing pole on the beach somewhere warm and sunny, next to clear blue water. While riding unicorns along the beach, all my favorite people would clap and holler when I nailed all my nemesis moves.
  • Lunch – Sushi and cheesy mashed potatoes
  • Afternoon activities – Drinking margaritas on the beach. The unicorns are still there too, of course.
  • Dinner – Hot dog in a baguette from one of the street vendors in Denmark.
  • Evening – All of my friends fly to Korea and dance until the sun comes up. We exit the club and eat Pizza in a Cup (That’s a real thing. This little old lady stays up all night to feed the hungry drunk people of Daegu tiny pizzas in paper cups. Rain or shine!  She’s a saint).

Mind you, this Sunday isn’t very practical, but neither is perfection.

What’s your preferred drink?

Bulleit bourbon and soda

Have you embraced technology or are you still a pen and paper writer?

I’m constantly made fun of for being a Luddite. All my grocery and To-Do lists are scribbled on old envelopes and receipts, and I have a notebook with a Zebra-Unicorn-Pegasus on the front that I keep all of my act ideas in. I don’t have a smartphone, so I still look up directions on Google Maps and write them all out on scrap paper before I leave the house. I feel that I function just fine, but it really bothers others when they find out.  I really just prefer to be less “connected.” It’s liberating.

Share an embarrassing story.

When I was in Korea, my friend Shauna and I saw this white van idling, but empty, along the side of the street.  This was in the wee hours of the morning after some drinking, so we decide it would be a good idea to climb inside and see what happened. I was looking around while in the passenger seat, and as Shauna is climbing in, a man comes running up and speaking Korean to us. Then, almost immediately, there were about 15 young Korean dudes (early 20’s?) in the van. We try to explain, in English, that “we thought it was our friend’s van.”  They accepted our “oops”, and he even handed us his business card. We met up with one of our friends that speaks Korean and showed him the card. I’m not sure I would have guessed that a business card with pink stars all over it would be for male prostitutes.

Truth? I’m not actually embarrassed by this story, but I think it’s so good that you, lovely readers, would enjoy it anyway.

What’s your next project or step?

The next couple of performances are repeats of previously created acts, but I’m really excited for some things I’m working on for October! Halloween always brings out the best performances. You really have to bring your A-game since it’s rare that you’re the only one in costume. You have to really give them something to look at!




What’s the last random internet…thing…you saw that made you laugh out loud to yourself?

Drunken Jungle Animals:

Name one completely useless thing you’re really good at.

I can wiggle my ears, although I’m much better at one side than the other.

What was your moment—the moment you realized you “made” it?

Have I made it? Don’t stick a fork in me yet! I’m still in the making!

I have really enjoyed the journey so far, and all the opportunities I’ve been given, but I still feel like there’s so much room for me to grow. Of course, I put a lot of effort into my pieces, and I try to put the best show on I can, each and every time, but I can still really feel myself developing a little more with each performance.

Stay tuned, folks!

Visit Lili’s facebook profile at or send her an email at
In addition to her independent work, Lili performs regularly with the following groups:
Movement Activities/Mikey Butane Ensemble:
Columbus Burlesque Collective:
In the Columbus, Ohio area and interested in giving it a try?
Aerial classes: Movement Activities
Pole classes: Candy Cane

INTERVIEW: Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Today, we feature an interview with sexologist, Dr. Martha Tara Lee.  Dr. Lee is doing amazing things in Singapore educating people about sexuality and counseling individuals with sex-related issues.  Dr. Lee is a woman who looked out into the world, identified a problem and stepped up to do something about it.  We are honored to have the opportunity to interview her this week for Libidacoria Magazine.

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

What do you do: Sexuality coaching and sexuality educational programs online and face-to-face

Official website:


How did you find yourself here? What’s your story?

I worked in corporate communications for eight years, before starting and running a non-profit for two years. When the non-profit closed down, I realized I wanted to continue being in a helping profession but as a business. During that time in Singapore, there was a reported rise in teenage pregnancy and the sexual transmitted infections rate. It made me angry. In fact, I was so bothered; I couldn’t sleep. I began to realize it wasn’t just the bad news, but the lack of good that bugged me. I questioned why sex was never talked about in positive ways. I asked myself if I could become trained to be some kind of sexuality counselor to help more people in a more specific field. After I did more research, I realized what I really wanted to be was a sexologist – where I saw private clients as well as ran sexuality education events. That led me to making several trips to San Francisco to complete my doctorate in human sexuality.

How does one get into this profession?

Pursue a Master’s or Doctorate in human sexuality in a university – if offered in their country.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everything. I follow the work of leaders, coaches, and fellow sexologists. I read widely, including many topics outside of my field.

What 3 people have influenced you most? Why?

My parents have and continue to influence me a lot. They gave me life and did their best as parents in their own way, and I am grateful for everything they have done for me.

 Have you embraced technology or are you still a pen and paper writer?

I am very active on social media, and have launched several online training programs such as Sex Jumpstart for Couples; Ready, Get Sex, Go for guys who want to gain ejaculation control; and Sex Possible for ladies who suffer from vaginismus.

Love-Sex-everything-front-cover-page-001What was your moment—the moment you realized you “made” it?

I am not sure what “made” it means exactly but I suppose when I published my book, Love, Sex and Everything In-Between, it was definitely a dream come true and a major milestone for me.

What’s your cure for creative blockage?

Exercise and meditation.

What’s your preferred drink?

Hot chocolate with soy milk.

What’s your sexiest turn-on?

Soft caresses.

Name one completely useless thing you’re really good at.

Sleeping. I can sleep anytime, anywhere – even while standing.

How do you turn off your job and maintain a personal life?

My work is challenging because I not only work with clients who come in with all kinds of sexual issues and personal problems, but I am also an introvert. I have learned to manage my energy by spending plenty of time restoring my nerves through exercise, meditation, and learning about nutrition and being more mindful of what I eat. I am also more conscious and deliberate about who I spend time with, and what I do. For instance, I am drawn to watching movies that have happy endings, and only hanging out with my friends who are spiritual and whom I care deeply about.

If you could go back, would you do it again or take another path? And what would that look like you think?

No, I won’t take any other path.



To learn more about  Dr. Lee, visit her official website at  You can also follow her on Facebook and on Twitter, and like her Facebook page at


INTERVIEW: Lady Monster

Lady Monster

Official Website:


I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of sharing the stage with her talent and beauty.  Libidacoria Magazine is proud to present this interview with Lady Monster, a woman with seemingly no limits.

What do you do:

burlesque performer, a Satan’s Angel-sanctioned Queen of the Fire Tassels, producer, co-founder of The Columbus Burlesque Collective, syndicated sex advice columnist, performance artist, actress, model, radio DJ, recording artist, workshop facilitator, and voted as one of the Top 100 Burlesque Performers in the World by her peers in the 2010 21st Century Magazine poll.

How did you find yourself here?  What’s your story?

I used to perform a striptease to my stuffed animals when getting ready for bed– undressing from my regular clothes into my pajamas. I turned it into a performance, and I was maybe 10 years old. It’s just come naturally to me.

I was a known sexual performance artist in town and told about a new burlesque troupe starting in Columbus, Ohio (1999) – Miss Kitty’s Hot Box. I was told secondhand that I had to have dance training and fit into a certain size of costuming. I believed it and didn’t pursue it.

When I moved to San Francisco in 2001, I found out about the Big Burlesque/Fat-Bottom Revue troupe in 2004. They were the first all plus-size touring burlesque troupe. I started going to all of their shows, talking to their performers, asking to audition and learning the art of burlesque. One of their dancers told me, “You’re not big enough to be part of our troupe.” I continued to pursue them though and finally talked to the troupe leader. She asked, “How do you identify?” I said, “Voluptuous, thick”.  She responded that I should audition when they decide to bring in new members. I waited on pins and needles for that day. Finally in May 2005, I performed burlesque in front of an audience for the first time. Heather MacAllister, the director and founder of the troupe had Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. She eventually succumbed in 2007, disbanding the troupe in 2006. I continued as a solo performer.

What was your moment—the moment you realized you “made” it?

Seeing that Al Jourgensen made one of my poems a song, a really kick-ass song, and put it on the Revolting Cocks album, Cocked and Loaded. I received the CD in the mail, from him personally. He asked to record me reading some of my poetry. I didn’t go to a recording studio, we did it right through the landline at Jello Biafra’s house. I started listening to the CD to see how/if he used any of my lines of poetry within the tracks. Then I see it on the track listing, Revolting Cock Au Lait. He asked me to read my poem/punk rock song, Cock Au Lait with Revolting tacked on. I did, and he had to stifle his laughter. I’ll never forget hearing him bust up as soon as I finished reading it. When I heard that song on the CD, saw my name listed on the credits, I cried, screamed, jumped up and down, turned it up loud, danced, cried, screamed…

Lady MonsterWhat’s your sexiest turn-on?

Teasing. I love it. Performing burlesque turns me on.

Are all men as sex-crazed as we think?

I have a stronger sex drive than any man I’ve ever met. No one has yet been able to keep up with me.

 Are women as sexually graphic as men in your experience?

More so.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Music, art and other performers and artists.

What makes a good story?

Cohesion, paying attention to the elements of the story, build-up, and bringing all your element together for a conclusion.

What’s your cure for creative blockage?

Being social. I’m an extrovert and am my most creative when surrounded by others’ energy.

Have you embraced technology or are you still a pen and paper writer?

I love pen and paper. I am much more creative when sitting down in the dark somewhere, scribbling out my deepest thoughts, not worrying about writing it straight or legibly, just needing to get it out. I also love technology and learning new ways to incorporate it into my acts.

What 3 people have influenced you most?  Why?

Don Pavelcik, Jello Biafra, Satan’s Angel

Don Pavelcik was my partner in crime with our regular event, Circus of Cool. He gathered jazz musicians and produced the show. I gathered poets. Together, we read poetry to the Beat. He called me The Feminist of All Feminists. Don believed in me, encouraged me, and put me high on a pedestal. He loved me and helped me grow in many ways. He was called “The Pope” because he was a mentor to a lot of people. I was going to stop being a performer all together, but he brought Lady Monster back to life in 1995.

I met Jello Biafra in Chicago in 1999. We started dating the next year. I moved in with him in 2001. We broke up in 2006. During that time, I did a lot of work for him, researching articles and news stories, transcribing performances being used for his spoken word albums and more. He was my first burlesque coach. He has a vast collection of Something Weird videos, and we watched the Tease-A-Rama tapes. Jello also has an enormous, world-class vinyl record collection. He poured through it, finding cool burlesque-y music for me to use in a routine. When we found a song, he’d begin dancing and performing a striptease, showing me what to do. He has a theater background and so many years of performing onstage singing for the Dead Kennedys, acting out the lyrics to his songs. I was continually learning new things from him and cherish that special time in my life with him. We continue to be good friends.

When I joined the Fat-Bottom Revue/Big Burlesque troupe, I was given history lessons. Heather told about Satan’s Angel and her fire tassels. I saw her perform this act at Tease-O-Rama in October 2005. I screamed and was floored by her presence. We met, but she wouldn’t remember me until spending time together at Miss Exotic World in 2007. She taught me how to twirl fire tassels in her home in Palm Springs in 2008. I traveled to her for the privilege. It took less than a half an hour. She said I was a natural and crowned me A Queen of the Fire Tassels. As soon as I left her home, I cried on the drive back to the airport. I knew my life was forever changed. Who knew that at age 39 I would find my given talent?

She and I became fast friends and soon were talking a few days a week on the phone for long periods of time. Angel mentored me, and I became her protege – The Spawn of Satan’s Angel. Even in 2007, before she and I got to know one another, I had other performers telling me I was channeling Angel onstage, that I looked and moved just like her. It seems no matter what I do, it comes off looking like a tribute to her.

I am honored that people are so moved by my performances to provide such high praise.

Any awkward moments where people recognize you?

Never awkward. I love my fans. I wouldn’t be a performer without people that appreciate my performances.

If you could go back, would you do it again or take another path?  And what would that look like you think?

There are things that I would do differently as a burlesque performer.  I have gotten caught up in others’ drama, and I wish I’d stayed out of it. I advise anyone who is a performer to keep it positive. Respect fellow performers. Never listen to gossip or shit-talk. Stay out of drama. Never create drama. All of your fellow burlesquers are your family. Respect and love them for sharing the love of the art and perpetuating it. For those that decide to start rumors, talk negative or create a negative vibe, I am staying away from you (and so will most others in the burlesque community).

Worst assumptions made about you based on what you do?

If someone makes a poor assumption, I’m there to educate them. Some people feel that it’s wrong for me to perform burlesque at my age and my size. They obviously don’t know what burlesque is, and that it has no limits regarding age, size, gender. The one thing that keeps it burlesque is the tease. It is the Art of the Strip Tease, after all. Being an example and inspiration to others that are older and bigger in size has meant a great deal to me.


Check out Lady Monster’s appearance at the 2013 Texas Burlesque Festival here:


And check out her YouTube channel to catch even more of her performances.


IFYou can find out more about Lady Monster by visiting her official website at, her facebook page, or you can also find her on Twitter.

Planning a visit to Columbus?  Find out more about The Columbus Burlesque Collective,  by visiting their site here.


INTERVIEW: Madam-Ofeelya Redd

It’s our first official interview here at Libidacoria Magazine and who better to kick it off than one of my friends and a talented performer.

Madam-Ofeelya Redd

Madam Ofeelya Redd

Photo by Provocatique

What do you do:

Burlesque Sing & Fling

Columbus, Ohio Performer

What was your moment—the moment you realized you “made” it?

Don’t  know that I’ve made it, but I suppose it would be when Circus Columbus Bar and Restaurant offered me my own show.  One show a month is just enough for me to balance home and performing and hopefully make ‘em want more.  In the past, I performed several times a week, but now that I am getting paid in one show what I made in a month performing other locations. One show is just fine.  I am not looking to become famous or make a career out of burlesque.

How did you find yourself here?  What’s your story?

I am a mild-mannered computer support trainer and technician during the day, and if I am not working on a new number, you will find me reading or sewing.  Sewing actually led me to burlesque.  A friend from my Reality Theatre days introduced me to a local burlesque performer as a possible seamstress for her costumes.  That led to auditioning for a troupe, and two troupes later, I am enjoying the freedom of being an independent performer.

How do you juggle your “racy” side with your “home” side?  And do they ever merge together?

My partner of almost a year knew I performed and loved attending my shows as we were dating.  Now that we are engaged, and because I have an impressionable teen daughter, I am scaling back performing and doing more tease and less reveal.  Family comes first.

Describe your life in one word.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Coffee and cigarettes…

If one band could play your life soundtrack, who would you pick?

Grateful Dead.

What song captures the essence of your being?

Grateful Dead – Touch of Grey

What’s your preferred drink?

Coffee, of course.

Any awkward moments where people recognize you?

Not awkward, but at The Alley, the girl helping me buy a corset knew me by my stage name and was excited I was shopping there.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Bad drivers – tailgating and not signaling.  I drive five over, but if you ride my bumper, I will go the speed limit…grr.  And it seems like a lot of the really expensive cars have defective signals or something…

When you “perform”, are you in character or yourself?

Definitely in character.  I am a tremendously dorky and a geek off-stage.  I dig burlesque, because it gives me a creative outlet, but it is on my time.  Instead of having to go to nightly rehearsals, as one would performing in a play, I can rehearse when needed, and when I choose.

What’s your cure for creative blockage?

When I sew or work on a number, it is usually something created over a period of weeks or months.  Rarely is my initial idea the finished product.  If I find something isn’t working, I set it aside and wait for inspiration.  And that is why I often have many different sewing projects going at once.  I hoarde fabric awaiting the day it calls to me to be cut and stitched into something splendid.

Legs and Eggs featuring Madam Ofeelya Redd

Photo by Provocatique

What’s your next project or step?

Legs and Eggs is a monthly brunch burlesque show running the 4th Sunday of every month at 11 A.M. It’s held at the Circus Columbus Bar and Restaurant featuring Vivian Von Brokenhymen as emcee with performance by myself. Each month we will feature two new performers.  Hoping to keep the numbers more to the true burlesque style with lots of tease and legs.

How does one get  into this profession?

Check local papers and bars for burlesque shows and troupes.  Sometimes they audition for new members or offer classes or an amateur night.  If you join a troupe, be careful.  While there are many honest, kind and supportive members of the community, there are also jealous, mean girls too.  Don’t let anyone pressure you into revealing more than you are comfortable with, or let anyone push you towards an image that isn’t you.  Burlesque is about tease.

What is a nerdy thing about you? (i.e. are you a Star Wars buff? Do you know a stupid amount about a particular book, period of history, or hobby?)

What isn’t?  I work with computers all day.  I read a lot and used to teach at-risk high school English.  I sew.  I wear glasses.  I do not tan and avoid direct sunlight.  My stage name is a Shakespeare pun.  I like cosplay.  I love Dr. Who and ghost hunting.  Enough said.

All-time favorite movie line, go. 

“My name is Inigo Montoya.  You kill my father.  Prepare to die!”


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And go check out her amazing voice, incredible body and her ability to truly, TRULY entertain!

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Madam Ofeelya Redd

Photo by Provocatique