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  1. I’m going to follow you from now on. It has been the strangest coincidence. Last night, during my cleaning break, out of nowhere, I reminisced on Buffy the vampire slayer & did a youtube search. I clicked on something that lead me to a cartoonish music video playing “kill of the night”, no artist mentioned. I then replayed the song hours and hours until I went to bed. I was too lazy to do any follow up research, but it was bothering me that I just couldn’t place this lady’s accent. It’s what I spent last night thinking about (my life is very simple).
    Today I received this shirt I bought on ebay some time ago with 2 cards in it. I usually throw them away, but I figured whoever picked out such a cute top must have great style. Care ones link didn’t work, but the second one, this one, did.
    Then I start reading your post and come across Gin! Kill of the night!! New Zealand!
    I’m so happy!
    Also great taste in music :,-)

    1. What a strange coincidence, huh?

      Unfortunately, I had to close one of my online stores and migrate everything over to my eBay site.

      So happy to meet kindred spirits! I hope to hear more from you. We are just ramping up this site, but expect more great music reviews and who knows what types of stories…lol!

      Thanks for your business and your blog read!

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