He’s 75 Today, But His Contributions are Timeless

by Kristie LeVangie

Seventy-five years ago, a woman gave birth to one of the most influential icons of American fashion.

Born in New York in 1939 as Ralph Lifshitz, Ralph was the son of a house painter and came from humble beginnings. His first foray into fashion began in high school where he sold neckties to his fellow classmates.

At age 16, he would change his name to the iconic Ralph Lauren.  He didn’t like his given name because it had the word “shit” in it as he would tell Oprah in a later interview.  He was often made fun of for this.

After high school, Ralph went on to Baruch College where he began to study business.  Two years later, he would drop out and serve in the U.S. Army.  He left the Army to work a brief stint at Brooks Brothers before landing a job in a tie company as a salesman.

At age 26, he was inspired to begin designing his own ties and pitched an idea for a wide European-style necktie to his company.  It was rejected, so he left to break out on his own.

Working out of The Empire State Building, Lauren took rags and turned them into his own designed neckties.  He would then sell them to small New York shops until his fate turned when Neiman Marcus placed an order for 100 dozen!

Just one year later, he would open his own necktie store where he would sell ties under the label of “Polo” with the backing of the famous clothing manufacturer, Norman Hilton.

Four years later, Ralph expanded his line and opened a boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

In 1970, Ralph Lauren would go on to win the COTY Award for his menswear line and enter the realm of women’s fashion introducing a line of tailored suits.  This was also the debut of the iconic Polo logo.

His famous Polo shirt would be unveiled in 1972 and was available in 24 colors.  Today, this is still a classic staple of the Lauren line.

Fast forward to 1997, the Ralph Lauren Corporation became a public company.

Ralph_Lauren_2013Today, one man’s dream to sell neckties has turned into a billion dollar business, and Forbes places Lauren as the 19th richest person in the world with over 35 U.S. boutiques and many other retailers carrying the Ralph Lauren label.

Ralph Lauren exemplifies an individual who strived to reach his goals despite the obstacles and haters placed in front of him.  He knew what he wanted, and he set out to get it through hard work and raw talent.

Ralph Lauren, we salute you as an inspiration and raise a glass to 75 years of awesome!



FASHION: Males Are Now Going to Great Lengths

by Kristie LeVangie

Hair extensions used to be reserved for women.

Well…not anymore.

Celebs like Justin Bieber,


Harry Styles,


and David Beckham


have men feeling as self-conscious about what they have “on top” as they are about what’s on the bottom.

Salons in the U.K. are reporting as much as a 200% increase in male hair extension interest.  Whether it’s length, texture or volume, men are seeking ways to emulate the stars and enhance their coiffure beauty.

One of the companies leading this revolution was Great Lengths.  Check out some of their amazing transformations here:

Extensions aren’t just for men who want to make a statement.  They are for any man who wants to maintain his youthful mane, and for some can be a viable alternative to the scary “plugs” or surgical hair replacement procedures.

We say two thumbs up to this male beauty trend.  What do you think, men?  Would you ever?

Liv’n The Single Life: Five Reasons I Hate Relationships

Liv 'n The Single Life


I go back and forth on relationships.  There are times when I’m not in one– which has been the majority of my life– that I long for someone to talk to, someone to cuddle with, and a consistent sex partner.

But when I’m in one…there are days I can’t stand one more minute of incessant questioning, obligatory pet names, and routine hand holding.

Relationships kill passion, or at least that’s been my experience.  I think those stories of long-lasting lovers are urban myths more than anyone’s reality.

In my relationships, the man always ultimately loses himself.  I end up making all the decisions, and I lose what spontaneity I need to feel challenged and surprised.  I grow bored. He feels lost, and it ultimately leads to failure.

The top 5 reasons I hate relationships:

1.) ‘I love you’s become routine rather than any expression of feeling.  They’re mere greetings of comings and goings.

2.) Both of you stop caring about your appearances.  You become a rain forest of leg hair, and he goes days without bathing.

3.) Anything becomes a reason NOT to have sex.  “It’s late.” “I’m too full.” “I’m just too tired.”

4.) You tell each other everything, and you start to tune one another out in your boredom of it all.

5.) Time alone is a rare and delightful gift.  When you are always together, you become smothered.

I only have to look at this list to remind myself why I would rather microwave dinners than share my bed with his toenail clippings.

I Want to Turn Your Cream Into Butter

by Kristie LeVangie

Okay, you with the dirty mind.

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about your “man juice.”

In fact today, I’m not talking about you at all.  But you are welcomed to hang with us ladies for a bit.  I may turn you onto something new.

And no, Pitmaster Jimi, I’m not stealing your thunder today either.  This isn’t an article about food.

This IS an article about a great new product I quite discovered by accident and now use religiously!

I’m a big fan of convenience.  With a busy life, I like to get shortcuts anyway I can, and one of my big kicks lately is subscription products.

Subscriptions these days are more than just magazines and newspapers.  I have scheduled deliveries of organic vegetables to beauty products coming to the house…and everything in between.  I’m a big fan of spending less time in stores with crowded lines, limited selections and navigating through unnecessary clutter to find what I’m looking for.  To me, it’s worth a few bucks to save the hassle.

So when I ran across a subscription service for my man that delivered shaving supplies to the house, I was on-board immediately.  And when I found out it was a fraction of the cost, I was ecstatic!

If you haven’t heard of Dollar Shave Club, I suggest you google them right after you finish my article.  With packages ranging from $1/month to $9/month for razor blades, there’s a level that fits right into your budget for sure.  (Compare that to mainstream store replacement blade prices!  Savings of about $4 PER BLADE.) And while it’s marketed to men, I actually have and use The Executive on all my various lady bits.  It’s a dream.

But even that isn’t why I’m here writing this article.

I’ve been a user of shave gels and creams since my teen years.  I just prefer the added lubrication it offers, particularly with the frequency in which us women have to shave our legs.  And because my skin in general tends to lean toward the drier side, it’s sometimes aggravating to my leg skin to use only soap.

But I also have teen girls.

So a few weeks ago as I was in the bathtub and reaching for my shave cream– you know where I’m going with this, right?– it was completely empty.

But…he had ordered some Shave Butter from Dollar Shave Club to try it.  So I had a handy substitute.

Dollar General Shave ButterI had encouraged him to give it try after seeing the natural ingredients touted on their website: Golden Barley, Organic Prickly Pear Cactus, Pacific Sea Algae, Black Willow Bark, Vitamins A, C, E, and Oat Extract.  And I especially enjoyed their advertising messaging, “TRANSFORM THE DREAD OF SHAVING INTO THE JOY OF SOFTLY WIPING WHISKERS OFF YOUR FACE.”

Ladies, I’m here to tell you that after that one “seeing the light” experience, I will NEVER go back.

The formula is safe for sensitive skin and actually leaves my legs feeling more moisturized.  I feel like I’m doing something great for my skin.  I have yet to cut myself shaving and love the smell.  Best part is that it’s only $8 for a 6-ounce tube that quite frankly lasts longer than my creams ever seemed to.

Now…I just have to keep it a secret from those damn girls.

So check out their site, watch some fucking hilarious marketing videos and place your order. Tell them Libidacoria Magazine sent you. Now go! Here’s the link.

Male Fashion: A Brogue By Any Other Name

by Kristie LeVangie

We all call them “Wingtips.”




They are one of the markers of a successful man.

Dwyane Wade

Or a gangster…

Gangster Man


What was I saying???

Oh, yeah!

The shoes.

Did you know that Wingtips aren’t really Wingtips?  They are actually a type of Brogue shoe.  Brogue shoes are “a style of low-heeled shoe or boot traditionally characterized by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations (or “broguing”) and serration along the pieces’ visible edges,” says Wikipedia.

This style of shoe has Scottish and Irish roots and was originally constructed with perforations to allow the moisture to escape when trekking through wetlands, like bogs.  What was once an outdoor shoe has transitioned today to be the height of male fashion and a moniker of success and power.

Brogues are most commonly found in one of four toe cap styles (full or “wingtip”, semi-, quarter and longwing).  Here’s a great graphic I found on the web to illustrate the different toe cap styles.


They can have one of four closure styles, including:

Oxford – shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, a feature termed “closed lacing”.


Derby – Also called the Blucher – shoelace eyelet tabs that are sewn on top of a single-piece vamp, also known as “open lacing”.


Ghillie – thick soled shoes with no tongues and long laces


And Monk – no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap


We usually see these in solid colors, but sophistication and swag come into play when the vamps, or uppers, vary in color, pattern or texture.



These look great with your favorite suits or with jeans and sweater for an ultra-sophisticated date night look.

Don’t have a pair in your closet yet?  I went to, my favorite guilty window shopping site, and found these for you.  From dressy to casual, they are only a few clicks away.  (Click on the picture to be taken to Zappos to purchase.)  Just think of me as your personal shopper.  😉

Cole Haan LunarGrand Wing Tip – $228

Cole Haan Men's Shoes


Steve Madden Virgo – $100

Steve Madden Virgo Men's Shoes

Mistress Elle: How’s It Hanging?

That’s right.  It’s time for your session with Mistress Elle.Elle

Mistresses operate best giving instructions.  😉

It’s easy.

1.  You submit your questions to

2.  I share my googled research, sage advice, years of experience, and deliver it to you in one sarcastically biting blog.

Now…I still wonder why men seem so obsessed with their junk.  I mean I’m not complaining.  It’s more power for me.

This week I address the age old question, “How’s It Hanging?”


Q: How’s It Hanging?

Our next question comes from Chuck in KY:

Oh, Mistress,  I have a question.  If men are right-handed, does their member tend to hang more to the left? And vice versa, if they are left-handed, does their member tend to hang more to the right?

Well, Chuck,

Interested in this question, I submit unofficial polls on both my Facebook wall and to the forum of one of my favorite message boards.  The results were quite interesting and none too surprisingly inconclusive.

Some of the responses:

–          Left-handed and slight lean to the left!

–          I’m right-handed and he favors left

–          Right and right, it’s not hooked just a bit of a curve I’d say

–          I’m right-handed and lean to the left.

–          It hangs straight.

–          This morning it is slightly right of center….. and I am right-handed.

–          He is all left

–          I’m right-handed.  Mine Lil’ Willy hangs right but left ball is bigger, but when my switch is on,straight as an arrow.

–          Right-handed and my dick stays on the left pant leg if it goes to throw right I feel way off-balance.

–          It’s straight as an arrow.

So they hang left, they hang right, and some have no preferred side.

Interestingly, you aren’t the first person to question this either.  See Yahoo’s Question and Answer forum here:

There are many theories in the scientific world regarding “how it’s hanging”…and not just the shaft.

According to Professor Chris Mcmanus, the right testicle actually hangs lower than the left testicle due to its weight and volume.

Right side hernias are more common than left-side hernias probably due to its weight and volume. (

About correlations with handedness, it seems to be that in Right-Handers, the left-testicle is positioned lower.  Whereas with Left-Handers, it is the opposite.

Chang et al (1960) found that the right testis was the higher in 62.1% of 486 men, and the left testis higher in 27.4%, the two being equal in height in the remaining 10.5%.

Antliff and Shampo (1959) found an essentially similar result in 386 men, the right testis being higher in 65.1% and the left higher in 21.9%.

The two sets of authors mentioned above differ in their findings as to the effect of handedness, Chang et al claiming that the relationship is reversed in left-handers, whilst Antliff and Shampo found no such reversal.

Additionally interesting, it’s supposed to be well-known among tailors or those in the rag trade that most men dress left.  The rise is the vertical area between your waistband and your crotch. If your waistband is not resting over your hips, you need a higher (longer) rise. Men who are well endowed by their creator will either dress-left or dress-right. Most men in the U.S. dress-left, so most suits have a tad more width on the upper left leg of the trouser, near the crotch. (

Another source theorizes that in most men the flaccid penis points slightly to one side rather than straight ahead.  The direction it points in correlates with what side the heart is on — which is on the left in most people.  Thus most men hang slightly to the left. One sign of dextrocardia (having ones heart on the right side of the chest instead of the left) is a penis that hangs to the right.

Among my small sampling of pollers, two other theories arose that:

1.      It may depend on the side to which a man sleeps
2.      The hand he uses to masturbate (“related to a counter-action against the sideways tug.  Everyone pictures male masturbation as a straight line motion, but since our arms are on either side of our bodies, there is a tendency for some side-ways pulling which can be more or less from person to person.”)

As you can see, science has yet to conclusively explain this.  Research varies, and unfortunately given the environment of sexual research in particular, we are likely to have no “firm” answer anytime soon.

Just be happy you aren’t this guy:

…And if you are, send the Mistress a little email. 😉

Mistress Elle: Jumping Into eBay Feet First

That’s right.  It’s time for your session with Mistress Elle.Elle Mistresses operate best giving instructions.  😉 It’s easy. 1.  You submit your questions to 2.  I share my googled research, sage advice, years of experience, and deliver it to you in one sarcastically biting blog. And now, Curious in Ohio “shoely” needs some help from The Mistress.

Q: What’s Up With These Shoes on eBay?

First up is a question from Curious in Ohio: So I have a question….See, I like to browse eBay for used shoes (I am a shoe freak!) and sometimes someone only wears the shoe only a couple of times and decide they hate the shoes and try to sell them.  I have gotten some really good shoes for a good price that way, but I always wondered about those certain listings where the shoes are trashed and the listing of it is “private” (whatever the hell that means).   I am sure there are other women looking for normal shoes on eBay and have come across these listings and wondered what the hell is going on.  Is there a fetish out there where men like used shoes that women put their feet in and have pics with? Can’t figure this one out!! Or could it be a lesbian thing? Educate me.   Curious in Ohio, What a great question!  And I actually have personal experience here.  As a long-time eBay lister, I was once approached about a pair of shoes I listed on eBay a year or so back.  We all know how Mistress loves her shoes, and I had reached the point where my collection was growing larger than my capacity to store them. (Not my actual closet…mine is SOOOO much larger. lol) So…I listed a pair of tan wedged sandals that had been worn quite a few times.  My foot imprint was in the sole but they were clean and good condition otherwise. Just hours after my posting was listed, I got 2 emails regarding the shoes as well as requests for additional pictures of my feet. Come to find out through some further email exchanges there IS a fetish out there for worn women’s shoes and more specifically sweaty feet.

One of the men to approach me was the writer of this blog:  Not only does he surf eBay for potential features for his blog, he also tracks celebrity gossip columns.  And yes, I was a featured foot model for his eBay listers. This fetish is not a lesbian thing.  As with most fetishes, it spans both genders and is a very specialized type of the more general “foot fetish.” To your point of the listing type, posting a “private” auction does ensure that the name and information of the buyer is not made public to other eBayers.  Many adult listings, as well as some clothing, shoe and accessory listings are made private. I  once had a friend who was a crossdresser, and he was able to shed some light on this mystery.  You see it’s uncomfortable for most crossdressers to shop retail stores, particularly to visit women’s retail shops and try on the clothing and shoes.  Just imagine the looks they would get!  So eBay is the most viable option.  Not only are the items delivered in such a way that even the postal worker isn’t aware of the contents, they can shop with complete freedom from embarrassment of other eBayers. So as you are perusing the shoe availability on our favorite auction site, you won’t be able to help but notice these listings now.  And hell, if you need some extra money, there are certainly worse things you could sell.

Mistress Elle: Why Porn Can’t Be Your Only Learning Material

That’s right.  It’s time for your session with Mistress Elle.


Mistresses operate best giving instructions.  It’s easy.

1.  You submit your questions to

2.  I share my googled research, sage advice, years of experience, and deliver it to you in one sarcastically biting blog.

Today’s tip comes out of a question I received from a man who is having trouble getting his girl to get off.  His rather lengthy explanation led me to this blog.  Men– Pay attention or it’s the shackles for all of you.

Why Porn Can’t Be Your Only Learning Material

Porn seems to be largely comprised of men quite literally “banging” women into orgasm almost as if they are wielding their members like a weapon of piercing brutality.  And while a woman loves a good “bang” once in a while, you amateurs may be surprised to learn, it doesn’t quite work that way.

The famous Masters & Johnson have found that the outer third of the vagina is actually the most sensitive for women. So pull back on that weapon, men. Deep hard thrusts may only be making her sore, and in some cases, turning her off. The opposite of the effect you would HOPE to have.

Next time you and your lovely lady hit the sheets, make a game of it. Try to only use the tip of your penis inside her…or better yet, try not using your penis at all. Try making it ALL about her and use your hands and tongue to increase her pleasure. Note the difference in her reaction, and then write me and tell me about it. I love a good story. 😉

Now get to it! You have homework.

Liv’n The Single Life: Sex at the Workplace

Liv 'n The Single Life

“My god! Why would anyone do such a risky thing?”

…Because being bad feels good.


Think about it.  We all like to feel like we are doing something we shouldn’t.  That adrenaline rush, the sneaking around…makes it so much hotter. Not to mention the fact that it definitely makes the work day go by so much faster and is more entertaining.  If you have little flirtations and the possibility of something so out of the ordinary, it makes for wonderful mental imagery and gets your libido fired up. If you’re in between relationships, or in a bad one, Momma always said the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one.

Should you or shouldn’t you?

Well, I am here to tell you the pros and cons, and then you can make that decision for yourselves.

Everyone has had those initial feelings of lust and sexual attraction.  Those make your heart race and mind wander to thoughts and scenarios that make you feel guilty or nervous.

It could be the Greek god-like golf club member who makes you feel like your vagina is throbbing so loud other people know what fantasy is in your mind when you watch him. And when he asks you to go into the locker room after closing up shop, you think, “My god.  If I get caught, I will lose my job.”  It could be your boss at the law firm, the chief engineer in your apartment building, or the chef in the restaurant where you work.  That taboo can make any workplace seem so much more exciting. Giving someone head in front of the mirrored doors at the hotel you both work at or having sex on the work bench in the basement can be so exquisitely hot and hard and fast.

That being said, there are some pros and cons to doing the dirty deed where you earn your bread and butter.  Sexual harassment is a very sticky situation.  There are obviously complications if one or both of you are attached.  If you break up a happy family, or tarnish your professional reputation, it could most definitely change your life.  Sometimes we need a change, and we do things that make it happen so we do not have to make the choice. And other times, we just want to have a little fun.

Worst case scenario, you get caught on the pool table at the club, mid-stroke while he is attempting a trick shot with you in a compromising position…or under the bleachers at the stadium when one of you is supposed to be playing and the other is supposed to be working in the snack shop. That could be one humiliating scene you will never forget, but the person who catches you enjoys telling it over and over and over.

It can be so disappointing. If you have an encounter that turns out to be less then fulfilling, then you have to face this chef with the wiggly, pasta noodle penis every day at work, and you may start to really resent even the smallest things.  Work-related comments may seem full of innuendo or take on new meaning.

Or if it is your boss, and he starts throwing spending money your way to go get new shoes, or sends you on errands that are demeaning, or in his worry to keep you from telling his wife, makes rude comments or smacks your ass as you walk up the stairs, or comments in front of clients that you are showing too much cleavage…you have now crossed into the uncomfortable zone.

Then there is the possibility of it developing into a habit, and then, feelings, and maybe you end up becoming a “couple.”  How do you work together and not get caught?  If you have a workplace code of conduct that restricts you from dating that client or a coworker, you may end up having to quit your job or move your business elsewhere.

What about feelings?

You could get your feelings hurt if you enjoy it and then the other person moves on to the next hot piece of ass.  You have to know yourself well enough to know if it is going to be something you can actually handle.

If you can keep in mind that everything has an ending, it WILL end one way or the other, eventually.  You will do the deed.  It will be wham, bam, and no thank you, ma’am, because he is now filled with shame and remorse or worried he will get caught.

Or if he did not exactly ring the bell…like he so eloquently talked his game to make you think that sex on your desk after the school bell rings would be so hot, and you would be that badass teacher that everyone is hot for. Then you find out he has a wee-willy, winky dick, and it literally lasted less than two minutes. How do you face each other at recess duty?

Think this all through and decide if you really can keep your mouth shut to protect his family life.  Or keep yourself from feeling like the realtor who would take one for the team to close a sale, that everyone in town talks about at the water cooler.

Sometimes you need to shake things up, and it can end up being one of the memories you look back on often and think, “My god.  I did that?”.   If you take the risk, and it works out, it may be something for you to think about when you are too old to get it up, but you can sure reminisce and have good stories to tell your grandchildren to throw them off their game, when they think they have invented sex, and have yet to realize that back in the day you were quite the looker and hot-to-trot.

Or you could be sitting there wondering if you HAD taken that chance, what would it have been like?  Is this Greek Adonis really worth risking your livelihood over and taking that chance to find out if it is all you thought it may be?

Well it was for me, but now you decide for you.